Why 2020 Kia Sportage Is A Great Choice?


car is considered as good or bad based on various parameters. It includes features like the power of its engine—design, and looks of its body. The extent of safety it offers and whether it is of reasonable price or not. All these elements are essential to look upon to decide whether a given car is a good option or not. There are specific facts about the 2020 Kia sportage, which makes it a right choice.

The Journey Of Its Engine

From the very first version of Kia to its latest version that is the 2020 Kia sportage. Its engine has undergone substantial growth. The current version of Kia’s engine has a very impressive specification. It is essential to know that 2020 Kia sportage is its fourth generation. It includes two types of the engine first is the gasoline-based engine, and the second is a diesel-based engine. Both of these engines are highly proficient in their job and deliver very high horsepower. Its horsepower is high enough to make you reach a speed of 180 km/hr in a fraction of minutes.

The capacity of these engines is 1.6 litre, 2.0 litre, 2.4 litre. Such high capacities of the engine give them horsepower 97 KW/161 N-m, 120 KW/200 N –m, 136 /241 N-m, respectively. Now coming to its transmission variant, it is of four types. Six-speed manual, six-speed automatic, seven-speed DCT, and seven-speed automatic. These things are based on highly advanced technologies making this car a high performer in terms of speed and strength.

It Offers A Great Kind Of Variety

It is one of the critical attributes in 2020 Kia sporting that it offers a lot of variants. It allows the customer to get a car of their choice based on the purpose for which they need the car. The instance to support this statement is that North America has three-level in 2020 kia sportage. These three levels are LX, EX, and SX. In all these three variants, the number of engines is four. Its available power ratings are as follows 181 hp and 237 N-m. In the case of a turbocharged engine, horsepower generated has a magnitude of 240. It is quite a significant amount of horsepower and can help you in case of off road journeys.

All these variants differ very slightly in their performance, and their cost does not significantly differ. The minor difference in performance is due to the configuration. Its available configuration in this model is AWD and FWD and Both of them offer six-speed transmission.

Some Other Basic Facts About The Car

Kia’s fourth generation was launched in 2017, and its design is inspired by a flying jet. It makes it unique from other cars, making it an example of advanced engineering technology. The production assembly of Kia is located in various parts across the globe. It includes South Korea, Malaysia, Algeria, Russia, China, and Pakistan. The main reason for having assembly lines in so many countries is its high demand among people. Peter Schreyer designed it.

Dimensions of its essential elements are as follows. Like for wheelbase, its 2.670 mm, and the length is 4.480 mm, width is 1.855 mm, and height is 1.635 mm. It also has a highly advanced interior, which includes lightweight steering. It allows you to enjoy smooth handling of cars, even on bumpy roads making your journey smoother and safer. It is also equipped with a highly advanced sound system having inbuilt Dolby digital sound stereo. It has comfortable seats to ensure comfortable long journeys. Moreover, it has a feature like a child lock, power windows, and has an excellent inbuilt interior. Efficient air conditioning facilities and heaters, and other features are also quite efficient.

Safety Is The Prime Feature

Safety is one of the prime concerns in any vehicle. Two thousand twenty Kia sporting fulfils this factor quite efficiently, making one of the safest cars on the road. To mark any car as safe, it needs to pass certain tests. Motor companies design these tests. Such tests aim to ensure that whether the roof of the car is healthy or not. It can withstand the impact of severe accidents and if any given vehicle is subjected to an accident determining the extent of damage is also essential.

There is a number of a test run on vehicles to ensure their safety level. Each test determines various aspects of safety. These tests are as follows.

Small Overlap Front

In this test speed of a car is kept at 40 miles per hour. the car is made to collide with a barrier. It is used to check the damage percentage to the driver’s seat side in case of an accident. 2020 kia sportage stands quite well in this test when done by experts.

Roof Strength Test

In this test, when done 2020 Kia sporting, Technical team concluded that it could withstand weight three times more than its weight. This same is the very criteria to pass the roof test for a car. It is a crucial safety test to ensure the overall safety of the vehicle.

These tests are one of the significant tests that every car must go through before getting open to the market.

Sale Of 2020 Kia Sporting Is Multiplying

In the last few years, the number of sales has grown substantially across the globe. It is evidence of the fact that it is gaining popularity around the globe. In 2012 and to now it has undergone a growth of more than 20 % in its sales. It also has won many awards for its

Unique design.


2020 Kia Sportage is an excellent car if you want to have a high-performance car at a reasonable price. It has all the attributes which a person looks for in a car. Like it comprises a good engine, ensures good safety and high-quality interior. Throughout the last few years, Kia has undergone a lot of improvements.


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