Why a fire pit is not just a fire pit – it’s an experience

Just about everyone enjoys gathering around a fire pit with friends and family to share stories, laughs, and a good meal. What is it about an open fire that makes night time gatherings so enjoyable? While it’s true that the fire itself is inherently comforting, the style of a fire pit can influence people’s moods.

Fire pit design can create a specific mood

Whether you’re gathering around a traditional camp fire or using a gas fire pit, the aesthetics of your fire pit matter. For example, gas fire pits can look like modern art, large bowls, or fancy columns. The style you choose will influence the way your guests feel when gathered around the fire.

You can easily create a feeling of luxury by using a fire pit bowl. Some fire pit bowls feature a gentle waterfall that flows over the back of the bowl. Placed in the right setting, you can make your guests feel like they’re at a luxurious resort right in your own backyard. A Solo Stove resource is an innovative firepit great for outdoors. It is highly functional and convenient. You can bring portable fire pits like this to backpacking, camping, and glamping adventures.

Here are some other ways fire pits can create various moods:

  • Round fire pit bowls in Earth tones like brown can make people feel grounded and more connected. Large fire bowls will quickly become the main attraction and people will want to spend more time gathered around the bowl.
  • Tall urn fire pits can make people feel more casual about a gathering. Since urn fire pits are tall and thin, they don’t catch as much attention and are less likely to be the center of attraction.
  • Although they’re technically not a pit, fire rings can create background ambiance for an outdoor gathering. Fire rings are usually small metal rings and tend to have some kind of design cut out of the metal. Fire rings don’t make people want to gather around, which makes them perfectly suited for creating ambiance.

Why are gas fire pits more enjoyable than campfires?

Campfires likely bring back memories of childhood camping trips with your family or your scout troop. There’s nothing better than creating a circle with rocks from the creek and then gathering a bunch of wood from the forest to build a fire. Well, technically, the only thing better than that is being able to push a button to create a fire instantly.

While building a campfire from the ground up is fun and rewarding, it’s not fun when you’re entertaining guests or you want a fire that doesn’t require constant maintenance.

Having a push button ignition on a fire pit makes starting a fire fast and easy. All you do is push the button and the fire is ignited. Modern fire pits can also be started with a smartphone app. There really is an app for everything!

Why are gas fire pits more enjoyable than fire tables?

Fire tables are designed so that people can set their plates and cups down on the table. This can make people focus more on the food than the gathering. For example, when people can bring multiple dishes or beverages  to the fire, they’re more likely to be focused on their food.

On the other hand, when people can only bring what they can carry, they’re more likely to give their attention to the people in the group. This creates a warmer, closer environment for everyone.

Why are gas fire pits more enjoyable than an outdoor fireplace?

Outdoor fireplaces are popular and they certainly look cool. However, a group of people can’t gather around a fireplace. When you have an outdoor fireplace, your guests have to stand closer together, which can make larger gatherings difficult.

You also won’t get much warmth from a fireplace since they’re designed more for looks than a source of heat. Granted, on a cold night, no fire pit will keep you warm. However, with a fire pit, your guests can hold their hands close to the flames to feel the warmth.

A fireplace’s warmth is almost entirely contained within the area where the fire is burning.

An outdoor fireplace is just like an indoor fireplace when it comes to burning wood. For example, you can burn green firewood or seasoned firewood if you like, but either way, you still have to burn wood. With a gas fire pit, you don’t need to worry about wood. You don’t need to do anything but ignite the fire and enjoy your evening.

What’s your favorite fire pit style?

Choose the style that you prefer that also matches your outdoor space and crates your desired atmosphere. You’ll never run out of options to choose from. There are as many fire pit styles as there are creative people on the planet.