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In an interview with writer Hattie Crisell, Susanne Santos, manager of skincare, stated with great confidence that the company “celebrates science” and believes that quality skin products reflect a healthy blend of man-made and botanical ingredients. What sets this brand apart is its emphasis on health. Rather than selling trends, it sticks to its 79 formulas to deliver the best outcomes for the skin. The company is vocal about the ever-changing needs of one’s skin. They argue that making a life commitment to one skincare routine goes against the natural changes in the environment and the subsequent changes needed to maintain healthy skin. Santos compares this process to apparel: some days you wear sweaters, and others, you wear T-shirts. Depending on the weather, your clothes change, and this is the same with skincare. Given that most of the brand’s customers are city dwellers, moisturizer is one of the top skincare products the brand aims to sell. Science and moisturizing are two essential components of modern living, but what makes these products’ innovativeness so great for the body? Read on to find out.

Created with the Customer in Mind

The company is Australian-based but brings in ingredients from all over the world. The brand does not release new lines frequently, as they take great care and consideration into their customers’ complex needs and wishes for skincare. Care into how their cleansers function has been a critical focus, especially regarding preventing the stripping away of essential oils and nutrients to hydrate and purify the skin. Hydrating properties are also included in all the products as they firmly believe that two drops of moisturizer on the face per day is a ridiculous rule of thumb. Each product contains a blend of essential oils and botanicals that help to hydrate the skin throughout the day whenever it is needed. All of the products serve a specific function. There is an absolute lack of any additional ingredients that do not contribute to their purposes. Health is the brand’s number one priority.

Aesop the Cult and Optimal Storage

The cultish following that Aesop developed is in response to the aesthetically pleasing bookish and minimalist designs that package all of the products. While the design philosophy was an attempt at a utilitarian and practical approach to product preservation, the packaging gave off an air of good taste. Aside from the aesthetics, the packaging is biodegradable and easily recycled. Customers are relieved that the packaging does not interfere with the product quality. The proper glass storage maintains the shelf-life, leading to nothing but sheer afterglow from satisfied customers.

Cruelty-Free and Still Effective

The brand remains cruelty-free, which extends to humans; the scientific aspects that make the skincare technology so useful include awareness of the rejection of colorants, silicones, and synthetic compounds that may irritate the skin. Organic ingredients are crucial to the brand, and natural oil extracts add to the aromatherapeutic qualities that emerged as a natural consequence of building their 79 formulas. Many of the products blend plant oils and flower oils to create a fantastic spa experience. The brand is also mindful of the potency of the astringents used in their products. For example, the herbal deodorant sprays use zinc rather than alcohol to hide unpleasant odors. This is a much gentler approach to coverage than alternatives. At the same time, the sprays are not so natural that perspiration ultimately overpowers natural deterrents. This is a common error of many natural deodorant lines and why switching to natural skincare is often a short-lived commitment.

Functional Technologies Abound

The natural ingredients used in all the brand’s skincare products contain added vitamins and minerals that boost your skin’s nutrition. The Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil, as one example, includes a plethora of antioxidants and vitamin E, and vitamin A that help to soften skin and effectively remove makeup build-up. The natural ingredients also promote functionality. Many natural products contain extracts that leave your skin feeling oily after use. These alternatives may be useful for the skin, but they make daily living much more difficult. Instead of touching a doorknob with greasy hands, you can rest assured that the brand’s hand balms and moisturizers leave your hands smooth and smelling of mandarin oil and cedarwood without the sticky side effects. The technology behind the nine antioxidants rehydrate and refresh skin while protecting against the aging process. Black currant seeds and primrose oil are active ingredients that protect the skin all day long, reducing the anti-aging effects of environmental hazards and exposures. Aesop holds the same framework as any other functional medicine. They take the best of science and nature to create revolutionary products that maintain health.

Hydration for Days

All of Aesop’s products are 100% vegan, helping you commit to your cruelty-free lifestyle and the ability to treat your skin with the self-love and natural care it deserves. Many of the products contain heavy water contents to help increase moisture and hydration throughout the day. The brand endorses continual moisturizing, but each product is heavy in water content, making the need for reapplication less of a necessity. The benefits of added hydration are endless, but Aesop’s products will, at the very least, improve the softness, smoothness, and agelessness of your skin.

The products are perfect for every skin type, and many contain customizable approaches for skincare application. For example, the Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant is available in powder form, so you can decide on the amount to add to your cleanser to validate your skin’s sensitivity or durability, depending. The brand strives to make its products as personalized as possible, which is why the line specifies each product’s function, whether it be for moisturizing, spot-fighting, or eliminating acne. You know precisely what you’re getting from the start.

With this beloved company, you get the best of both worlds. There is no sugarcoating the truth; blends of science and organic elements created world-renowned skincare products that are perfectly suited for everyone.

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