Why an Espresso Machine can increase Work Productivity


Having quality coffee at work is something to look forward to, employees start feeling at ease with their environment which in return boosts their morale.

At the beginning of their fiscal year, every organization, whether big or small, starts to plan on increasing worker productivity, boost employees’ morale, retain current and new staff members and maintain healthy relationships with both the customers or clients and their subordinates.

A lot of publications and research has been done to find out what causes a worker’s productivity to fluctuate and how to keep their motivation elevated and consistent. Most people doing this research were probably in a dilemma while writing out the report, sipping coffee, and discussing with others.

However, among so many factors that could affect a worker’s productivity and motivation, one of those include having a great coffee machine. There are different types of coffee makers to choose from so let’s take a look at the reasons how an automatic espresso machine can play a small role in boosting workers’ morale in addition to it being a very cost-effective method.

Increases Creativity

It has been researched and reported that coffee houses were the places where great minds would create content that would become the next big hit. From famous writers to directors, from entrepreneurs to marketing executives, every one of them chooses a cafe to think, create, and take a break from life.

Even big companies like Google have created a coffee place for the employees not only to brainstorm ideas but also to take a break and enjoy great coffee.

Therefore, installing an espresso machine in your workplace can create that coffee house ambiance.

Adds Job Value

It’s not always possible to give all the employees a raise, therefore, good quality coffee adds value to their jobs. To take a break, workers leave their stations to go to coffee houses just to get a $5 coffee but installing a machine right at the workplace, will save time and money for both you and them.

Happy Customers, Successful Business

When your executives or you have a scheduled meeting, serving your clients a hot beverage, espresso, cappuccino, or tea, will make them feel at ease and discuss matters with you more comfortably. It’ll show them that you care and will encourage them to come back to you.

Various Choices

Not everyone likes to drink coffee; therefore an espresso machine offers various choices to make a latte, cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate, and many others. Besides, this one appliance keeps the area decluttered by removing the necessity of installing more appliances for all kinds of drinks. Pretty convenient, right?

Facilitates relationships

These days, it is difficult to keep millennials on board and the result is them switching between jobs frequently. Make them sit down without any gadgets, hand them a cup of coffee and ask them to talk to one another. Job satisfaction is a huge deal when it comes to retaining employees. It involves the job structure, their work environment, positive feedback, and a lot of other factors. A cup of coffee is one small thing out of many but impacts employees’ morale all the same.

Improves Mental Health

Coffee not only boosts your cognitive abilities but can also be good for mental health. Many employees may suffer from depression and stress by trying to make ends meet. Coffee can help eliminate that sickness and make them feel happier and reduce the risk of suffering from depression.

It can also help reduce your chances of catching certain diseases and works great as a memory booster. There are a lot more surprising benefits from drinking coffee that positively affects your mental health.

Drinking coffee can also help you and your workers to be physically active, lower body fat, and reduced muscle pain due to sitting on chairs for long hours.


Installing an espresso machine is a small price to pay in return for the great outcomes you will get out of employees. It’s not only cost-effective but reduces time wasted for a worker to go out on short breaks for coffee now and then. By having it right at the workplace, employees can sip coffee while working and even during meetings that help them to be focused and attentive.

However, bad quality coffee will have the opposite effect and may ruin your plans to increase productivity. Investing in good quality and delicious coffee beans will revert your employees from going over to Starbucks or other coffee shops, as they are already receiving great coffee right where they work without costing them a cent. It’s a win-win situation!

Talent Retention

Retaining talents is difficult as millennials are much more demanding and keeping them satisfied with their job is complicated. A lot of surveys and research has been done and is still going on to find out what millennials look for when it comes to job satisfaction.

Even if it’s a small gesture on your part, it shows that as a boss you care about them. That’s something most people look for when joining a firm and is the most important aspect leading towards job satisfaction.

There are various types of espresso machines available in the market and you can choose the one suitable for you. With so much going on during business hours, an increase in the number of meetings, trying to retain not only clients and customers but also employees, having an espresso machine seems like a small action to take with a big impact on the outcomes.

Investing today in an espresso machine can make everyone’s lives a lot easier and the workplace will be brimming with creative ideas and increased productivity, focused attention, and also improves relationships among employees, and with their clients and bosses. However, make sure you invest in a good quality espresso machine along with the delicious ingredients needed to make a great cup of Joe. You can see the difference in how your workplace ambiance has changed in just a few short days.

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