Why and How is Bitcoin Different From Altcoins?


People often get confused between bitcoin and altcoins and aren’t able to decide which makes the best investment. In this article, we will learn how bitcoin is different from altcoins and why it is different. Also, it is important to learn about the market capitalization of altcoins and bitcoin in order to understand them in-depth. Join the community by downloading push money app.

Why do people admire bitcoin?

People who have been into the crypto world now have the right knowledge on how individuals think about bitcoin and its ecosystem. There are multiple thoughts that go into the mind of newbies of the crypto world, and that is something like this:

  • Bitcoin is incredible! It has no limit on purchasing crypto coins and provides complete control to users over their money. How should I acquire bitcoin?
  • Mining is a great method to make money. This is a cool method to earn bitcoins constantly. How can I start mining bitcoins and earn some?
  • Mining seems to be really difficult. Is buying bitcoin directly a great alternative instead of doing hard work in mining? From where can I buy bitcoin?
  • Now I am a bitcoin owner, but where are these coins? How are these stored? What about all other coins that are being developed? Are altcoins going to take over bitcoin?
  • How do you choose altcoins as there are thousands of altcoins?
  • Is it better to buy bitcoin and altcoins that are most popular? But the popular coins are highly expensive. What should I do?

These are the few questions that go into the mind of crypto users, and at each step, they stop and stay thinking about what I should do next? Everyone has their own thought process as some consider mining a better option, while some prefer to buy bitcoins directly instead of spending thousands on equipment to mine bitcoin. Now let us learn why many people prefer to buy altcoins.

Why do people prefer to buy altcoins?

Many investors prefer to invest in altcoins as it is a great way to hedge against bitcoin. Let us read some reasons why investors hedge with altcoins against bitcoin that is:

  • Bitcoin’s market is extremely volatile, and it may have disastrous failing that altcoins aren’t subjected to.
  • Bitcoins have less utility, and altcoins may have some utility that makes them better than bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin’s price is skyrocketed, and it is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, but not everyone tends to invest in a cryptocurrency whose price is at its peak because there is always a risk that value will decline. Altcoins provide room to investors and serve other purposes that bitcoin might not do.

Let us learn the reasons in detail:

Bitcoin’s disaster

One of the main reasons that bitcoin could die disastrously is that there are technical and economic flaws in the market. Technical flaws in the case of bitcoin will be the vulnerability that can occur in consensus code or cryptography used by bitcoin. Economic flaws mean the changes in the economic rules of bitcoin. If there are any changes that are to be made in bitcoin, it requires strong consensus and cannot be done without the support of its community members. In order to prevent technical and economic flaws, a development team is required that is extremely talented, hardworking, trustworthy, and dedicated to eliminating the flaws.


Many altcoins have been developed to provide niches for usage like Ripple, Dogecoin, and more. The only way a niche coin can make sense is by estimating whether it can do something that bitcoin cannot do. In 2021, Dogecoin becomes highly popular as it allows transactions to be verified at a fast speed without paying any high transaction fees. Niche usage of a coin is quite similar to future utility and that we will discuss in the next point.

Future utility

There are many technical differences between bitcoin and altcoins. This is what gives people the reason to choose the right crypto coin to invest in. altcoins and bitcoin also have some same technical properties, which reflects that the existence of bitcoin majorly affects the future utility. Bitcoin has the potential to add some utility to altcoins and make them useful.

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