Why and How to Find Outstanding Domestic Cleaners in Perth


Many people are looking for a better way to clean their homes. This is where cleaners in Perth come in! A local business can be the perfect option for many families who need help cleaning up after kids, pets, or just life in general.

A cleaning service enables you to have more time to focus on the more important things in life, while helping to avoid pest infestation associated with dirty homes. But finding the right company can be difficult – here are some tips to help you find a great service and what to expect!

How Much for a Cleaner in Perth?

The price of hiring a cleaner will vary depending on many factors. Location, the size and cleanliness of your house, as well as how often you would like them to come are all important things to consider before signing any contract with a service provider.

A good local business should be able to provide free quotes after an assessment has been made at your home. This is also when they can determine what type of cleaning products or tools they may need to bring along if necessary. They should always bring their own equipment unless otherwise stated by you!

On average, the price for domestic cleaners in Perth by the hour is nearly $30, matching the average hourly rate across Australia.

How to Find a Credible Cleaning Service

To find an affordable service that delivers outstanding results, some digging is required on your part. This means asking friends, reading reviews and taking the time to check business listings on popular sites like Yelp to find the right service.

Below we’ve outlined four tips to help you find a great domestic cleaners in Perth:

Ask Around

This may seem like a simple and obvious step, but it can actually yield some good results. If you have friends who own businesses, they will likely be able to give you advice on where to find reliable cleaners that also deliver great prices.

Unlike customer testimonials and reviews online which can be forged, being referred by a family member or friend is always a good indicator of whether or not you can trust the service that they are referring to. However, it’s important to note that reviews are what drive sales and one bad review can damage a company’s reputation.

You may also want to ask your neighbors if they have any tips for finding an affordable domestic cleaner in Perth, as cleaners often work with multiple families throughout their area and will generally know who has had success hiring someone!

Reviews are Gold

After finding at least three companies in your area that can help with cleaning tasks, check out what other people think about them by reading reviews online. These should not be taken as absolute facts however – remember everyone has different standards of cleanliness!

The best way to determine if these kinds of websites are legitimate is simply doing more digging around Google or Yahoo!-style search engines using keywords related to the service you need along with phrases like “reviews” or “testimonials.”

You can also find reviews of cleaners on Facebook using the search function within their pages. If they don’t have a website, consider trying to get in touch with them via email and ask for some information about pricing and their services (it will not be listed on Facebook).

Compare Prices Among Your Candidates

There are many fantastic cleaners out there, but prices can vary wildly between them. To determine who is offering the best deal, do some comparison shopping!

It’s likely that you will be able to find someone with an equally good or better reputation than your initial choices for a lower price – but if not, don’t settle for less quality because of it! When you are happy with your service provider, make sure to get the best deal you can by negotiating a good price and maybe even suggesting that they take on additional work like washing your car or maintaining your lawn.

If there is any chance of cancelling service, be careful not to sign contracts with companies that charge fees for doing so! This includes a small print at the bottom which tries to state that by signing this agreement, they can charge you a fee if you want to terminate the contract within its first six months (or some other time period).

If your candidate is unable or unwilling to budge on their rates and fees after doing solid comparison shopping, it’s best to go with someone else.

Don’t be Afraid To Ask Questions

When you are considering hiring a domestic cleaner in Perth, there are certain questions that are acceptable to ask. For example:

  • Can I get an estimate for how much time the service will take?
  • Are they insured and do they have any professional memberships relevant to their business?
  • How long will their cleaners take to service your home?
  • Do they know how to clean homes inhabited by pets and do they have the equipment to do so? i.e Lint Rollers

Questions like these can be quite helpful when you are trying to find someone who will meet your needs. It is also important that the cleaner has good communication skills and friendly demeanors, as this can make or break a company!

Don’t forget to ask how much it costs for their services – some companies offer free quotes so don’t hesitate to take them up on it.



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