Why are Crocs so Popular?

Crocs were once seen as a joke in the shoe and fashion world. Brightly colored, rubber-looking “sandals” that your grandparents think are cool. However, fast-forward to today, they are some of the most popular shoes in the world.

Crocs may not be for everyone, but they have risen to their heights for multiple reasons; here is why Crocs are so popular.


You can’t talk about Crocs without talking about how comfortable they are. While numerous shoes are incredibly comfortable, the Yeezy 350 Boost’s being a good example; Crocs are universally comfy.

The significant advantage of Crocs is that they are comfortable for very long periods of time. You can wear them for hours, and they won’t be too tight or too firm and will cradle your foot just right, whether you’re on your feet all day or relaxing.

Foot Support

Speaking of cradling your feet, Crocs are surprisingly very good for your feet. While they are very pillowy and comfortable, they still offer your foot the support it needs, especially your arches. This is vital if you are someone who spends a lot of time standing and walking around.

This is why Crocs are particularly popular with nurses, doctors, chefs, caregivers, and any other job where you don’t need a ton of foot protection.



If you haven’t noticed already, Crocs are insanely versatile. You can wear them to your job, out for a walk, breakfast or lunch, or by the pool or at the beach. There isn’t anywhere that Crocs can’t go.

This means they can be your all-day, everyday shoe, and you only need to own a pair of formal shoes, and you have something for every occasion.


Crocs are, by design, very practical shoes. The air holes on the top allow your feet to breathe while keeping them covered and protected, while the backstrap can be lowered to make them slide-ons and lifted onto the back of your ankle to keep them secure.

The non-slip soles make them safe to wear in wet conditions, either by the pool or while it’s raining, and the shoe material is also waterproof. They can also be wiped dry, and there is no need to leave them in the sun for days to dry out properly, unlike regular shoes.

There are also “indoor” Crocs that are lined with a fuzzy and soft material designed to keep your feet warm when it’s cold outside.


Crocs are built to last, and their durable outer soles allows them to take a beating for a very long time before needing to be replaced. If you use them like regular shoes, you can expect your Crocs to last several years.

While it is possible to puncture or tear them, if you look after them properly and don’t wear them where they shouldn’t be worn, they will last more than long enough to be worth what you pay for them.


Surprisingly, Crocs are very customizable. You can attach “Jibbitz”, small badges that you can stick onto your Crocs to give them some personality. The shoes also come in a massive range of colors and patterns.

Depending on your personal taste, you can get Crocs that are plain blue or black, or you can go a bit crazy and get a purple or green tie-dye pair.

Easy to Clean

Crocs are very easy to clean and maintain. Whether you’ve been to the beach or they’re covered in mud, you can stick them under the tap and wipe away any dirt in a matter of seconds; this already makes this much easier to clean than any other shoe.


Another reason Crocs have surged in popularity is due to their numerous collaborations with other big brands. Many of these collaborations contributed to Crocs going from a less popular brand of shoes and took them into the mainstream.

Shoes made in collaboration with Palace, the movies Cars and Space Jam, Post Malone, Bretman Rock, Bad Bunny, Pleasures, and even KFC, all powered Crocs into becoming a staple for the red carpet and streetwear lovers.

Style Rebel

Style Rebel

Crocs have become a shoe that many uses to be style rebels, “anti-fashion” in a way. They take their reputation of being “ugly” and use it as a way to complement their outfit. This phenomenon is relatively rare, as no garments, shoes or accessories are so unfashionable that they become a fashion staple.

This has elevated Crocs to the point of being high fashion almost; combined with the numerous ultra-stylish collaborations, you have a shoe that can compete with the most sophisticated labels in the world.


Finally, one of the key selling points of Crocs is that you get all of the above for a very affordable price. They won’t break the bank, you don’t have to replace them often, and they go above and beyond of being worth the money.

While many may still think they are overpriced, many shoes aren’t as versatile, comfortable, well-made and fun as Crocs, that are two or three times more expensive.