Why Are Fishtanks So Calming?


Ever noticed how there is almost always a fish tank inside every dentist clinic? Turns out, it isn’t just a decoration trend. Studies have found that it helps people relax whilst in the waiting room, and during their dental treatment. Fish tanks have long been used for therapeutic benefits because of its significant calming effect. Interested to know more about how keeping a fish tank can help you?

Check out these reasons below as to why you should keep a fish tank today.

Feel-good Hormones

Listening to bubbling or moving water causes serotonin production; in turn, this will stimulate your brain to release more endorphins. This generally brings about positive feelings that boost your mood and regulate impulsive behavior. When there are more endorphins, you feel confident and secure. It’s also noted that endorphins ease aches and pains. So, the next time you feel anxious and stressed out, just relax by watching little fish swim inside your aquarium.

It Brings You Closer to Nature

Did you know that your connection with nature is good for your health? Studies have found that getting close to nature makes you feel better emotionally and improves your physical well being. When you live in an urban jungle, it’s hard to find the time and an accessible location for nature trips. The great thing about fish tanks is that they allow you to bring nature close to you.

Setting up your aquarium with corals, rocks, and fish allows you to experience the great outdoors without leaving the comforts of your home. Of course, don’t forget to add a reverse osmosis filter to keep your fish tank clean. You should brush up on your knowledge of fish care to learn more about these maintenance requirements by checking out online resources and reviews. Just like you, fish cannot thrive in an ill-maintained environment. So, make sure your fish aren’t stressed out!

It Helps You Meditate

Meditation is a great activity to alleviate stress and gain a deeper understanding about your inner self. However, meditating can be challenging for newbies who struggle to stay focused. One of the physiological benefits that is keeping a fish tank offers is the ability to improve your focus skills; gazing at aquatic life inside a fish tank allows you to find a safe and calming space to meditate. For beginners, an aquarium can help you to get started in practicing meditation.

It Helps You Sleep Well

Sleep plays an important role in your overall well-being and quality of life; if you don’t get enough sleep, this brings about a multitude of health problems. If you’re stressed out, you may suffer from disrupted sleep, or no sleep at all, and that’s because stress has a huge impact on the quality and duration of your sleep. Keeping an aquarium helps combat nerve-wrecking anxiety and stress, making it a perfect way to relax. When your anxiety level and stress decreases, you can rest easier at night.

It Offers Tranquility

Tranquility is important in your life as it helps you stay balanced and calm even during difficult times. It also improves your concentration ability as well as your productivity. Ever noticed how fish tanks are common in nursing homes too? The reason behind that is because it gives residents a tranquil and peaceful feeling; by simply watching the fish swim, tranquility can rub off on you!

Decreased Heart Rate and Lower Blood Pressure

The higher your blood pressure is, the higher your chances of contracting complicated health risks. If you want to improve your heart rate and blood pressure, keeping a fish tank will be good for you. Aside from a proper diet and exercise, having an aquarium in your home is a great supplement to keep your heart healthy. By simply watching fish, you’re not only just keeping yourself entertained, but also, healthy and happy.

Therapy for Hyperactivity

If you have kids who are suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), having a fish tank at home is great therapy. If you’re looking for an alternative to mood-altering drugs, an aquarium for your kids is a great choice. Research has shown that exposing your kids to natural elements like aquatic life in a fish tank improves their concentration and attention span. Aside from helping your kids relax and calm down, it helps them improve their ability to focus on important tasks. It also reduces hyperactivity and allows them to stay present in the moment.

You are not just improving your home’s aesthetics by creating a visually-pleasing aquatic environment in your fish tank. It also comes with physiological and psychological benefits that improve your quality of life. If you want an outlet to relax and detoxify, maintaining an aquarium is a great start.

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