Why are there are so Many Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Online?


With more and more people gravitating towards trying to make a living online, sites such as Wealthy Affiliate and the like are becoming increasingly popular—especially for beginners who have no real idea about how to start an online business, let alone think about devoting attention to making sure the proper amount of internet traffic is being directed towards it. This area is where Wealthy Affiliate claims to help.

What is The Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing course that is designed to provide training and tools to hopeful affiliate marketers. They claim to be able to help you transform your ideas into profit, by showing you how to create an attractive website through training programs. This, if done correctly, will attract the needed traffic to your business and help it grow immensely. Once you have this traffic at your new site, they then let you promote the top brands, such as Youtube, Shopify, and Etsy, through affiliate programs—effectively making you money.

Sounds wonderful, right? Well, when something seems too good to be true, it usually can turn out to be just that.

Reviews With a Motive

By quickly conducting a Google search on Wealthy Affiliate, you will no doubt be led to pages and pages of reviews of the site. Once you start clicking around, you may become skeptical at how many positive comments there are. With such a large number of reviews, surely not this many people can all have the same experience. By digging a little deeper, you can find out that there’s an underlying reason for all of these positive reviews. When someone joins Wealthy Affiliate, they automatically become an “affiliate” with the site, meaning they have a financial incentive to want to get others to join—if you click on the affiliate link they provide and end up joining from this link, they will profit off of it.

Not all have Reviews Have Motivation Behind Them

However, it is important to take into consideration the fact that some of these reviews are written from people who genuinely have found success from the site, and these reviews shouldn’t be discredited. Since Wealthy Affiliates does actually offer new members access to training videos and guides designed to teach you about how the affiliate marketing business model works, and also shows how to apply it to your own business, it makes sense why some people will find legitimate success with what the site has to offer them— and not just be leaving reviews to push others to join for monetary reasons.

Reviews that Speak aren’t the Norm

Many of the negative reviews of Wealthy Affiliate detail the same gripes. For one, many find the “cult-like” aspect of the site off-putting, with lots not wanting to go through the extra hassles of having to promote the site to others. For many, this level of promotion is simply not what they signed up for, and perhaps they did not know about it all beforehand. Additionally, many negative reviews mention how the content the site offers isn’t all that great to begin with, noting how the material can appear outdated or poorly organized.

Specifically, the material can tend to be repetitive or contradict itself—such as being advised to sign up for multiple social media accounts in one lesson, and then several lessons later being told to be very selective about which social media accounts you start and share on. This misleading advice can confuse any member, but especially newcomers without any prior knowledge of the online business game. On top of that, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training—although a very important factor in any successful online business, is lackluster at best and leaves out many important details that would help newcomers to know.


In short, while Wealthy Affiliate may seem sketchy with all of the reviews they have, it is not to say that some people don’t find genuine success and worthwhile tools through the programs the site offers.

Signing up on the site may be worthwhile to those who are simply interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, and picking up the free tools and programs that the site gives you. However, you should also remember to take all of the positive reviews you will read about Wealthy Affiliate with a grain of salt, and form your own opinion about the website and what they have to offer you and your new online business.

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