Why are Viking Games So Popular in Casinos?

In casinos, you would often see many themes applied to the games like roulette, poker, and bingo, although the one type of casino game that has plenty of variety when it comes to themes is the slot machine. While there can be many themes available for casino games, there are only a few that are considered popular in many land-based and online casinos around the world, and one of these themes is the Viking theme.

As the name suggests, the Viking theme is primarily based on the Scandinavian people called the Vikings, who are particularly known as seafaring people that raided land, pirated loot, and traded with other groups in Scandinavia (a subregion now known as the countries Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) and other regions in the world during the 8th century up to the 11th century.

There are many different reasons why Vikings are quite popular today in the realm of gambling, and for this article, we will explore those reasons. So, without further ado, here are the reasons why Viking games are so popular in casinos.

Viking Casino Games Usually Give Out Plenty of Prizes and Bonuses

In online casinos, Viking-themed games would usually give out much more bonuses and prizes compared to other games available. These Viking-themed games are mostly online slots that have big payouts and would often provide a lot of free spins, which can be used to get an extra round on the game for free.

So, it could be said that Viking-themed slots and casino games are really more worth it to play than the other games available in the casino’s library of games. Check out different trusted online casinos and play their Viking-themed games to get big payouts and have a much more fun playing experience.

Besides the bonuses you can get in Viking-themed games, you also have the opportunity to use other bonuses, which would be beneficial if you want to win more while spending less. These bonuses include the welcome bonus, the deposit bonus, and the no-deposit bonus. Collect Michigan casino bonus codes and other bonuses to get extra rounds or spins in various casino games.

Renewed Interest in Vikings

Viking with an axe

One of the reasons why Vikings are popular in the gambling industry is because of the renewed interest in it. Despite the negative connotations associated with Vikings, the ancient group of Scandinavian people is highly regarded for their strength and their courage, which are two traits that are considered to be the best that people should have.

For some reason, the people that play Viking games at casinos would feel courageous and confident in placing risky bets and playing big-time strategies, as they most likely want to feel like a Viking. Try out a Viking-themed casino game and see if it makes you brave while playing.

The Popularity of Viking-themed Video Games

Another reason for the popularity of Viking casino games is because Viking-themed video games are also becoming quite popular in today’s era. According to the gaming website The Sixth Axis, two Viking-themed games called Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the most recent installment or entry in the God of War series sold more than 20 million copies combined, which is quite a lot compared to other video games.

The popularity of Vikings in the video game industry then influenced the gambling industry. Casino games and video games have a lot of things in common, and one of those things is to entertain or give fun and excitement to players.

Viking-Themed Box Office Hits

In addition to video games, Viking-themed box office hits are also making waves in Hollywood and the movie industry in general, and one of the characters that are responsible for the increasing popularity of Vikings in movies is Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Although not necessarily considered a Viking, Thor was a very prominent god during the Viking Age, so there is still a strong connection between the said god of thunder and Vikings.

Furthermore, the iteration of Thor from several movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe depicts him to have armor and headgear that are similar to what you would normally find Vikings wearing during their era of prominence. In addition to the Marvel Thor movies, there are also other popular Viking-themed movies like How to Train Your Dragon, Valhalla Rising, and Beowulf.

Viking-Focused TV Shows

Viking Ship

Of course, if Viking-themed movies are popular, so will Viking-focused shows be as well. Because of the resurgence of Vikings in terms of popularity, it is already expected that various forms of entertainment will capitalize on it, and this includes TV shows. One of the most popular Viking-themed TV shows that have been produced is the aptly named “Vikings” series, which first aired in 2013.

Because of its high viewership, Vikings were able to last until 2020. But, due to popular demand, a sequel for the show called “Vikings: Valhalla” premiered on Netflix in 2022. As the Valhalla hype wouldn’t dissipate anytime soon, we should expect that more Viking-themed shows and movies will come out in the near future, and they will still influence what’s popular in the world of gambling.

They are Generally Very Fun to Play

It couldn’t be argued that Viking-themed games, whether they are for casinos or for video game consoles, are very fun to play. These special themed games would often incorporate exciting elements that are related to Vikings, like raiding, fighting enemy forces, and more.

So, if you are playing a Viking-themed online slot game, you will be able to have a much more fun experience playing a slot machine because of the entertaining and fascinating elements that they add to the game. You will still have fun playing other games with different themes, but Viking-themed casino games are incredibly popular because most players enjoy playing those more than the other games available in a lot of online casino game libraries.

These are some of the biggest reasons why Viking games are incredibly popular in land-based and online casinos. Even if they are popular, they wouldn’t really be the best games for you if it doesn’t suit your preferences when it comes to features and gameplay mechanics. So, try out these Viking-themed games to know if they are suitable for your playstyle.