Why Be Picky When Picking A Backpack


From kindergarten to university, from the workplace to the great outdoors, backpacks have become essential companions in our daily lives; so essential indeed that we tend to forget they’re even on our shoulders! This should be enough of a reason not to pick one at random off the store shelves or online. As a matter of fact, selecting a backpack is the best time for you to be picky and conscientious as a consumer. Your bag needs to have your back, quite literally, no matter what you’re carrying, what you’re doing, or where you’re going.

In that spirit, we’ve created a useful, complete guide for when you need to go backpack shopping. Our recommendations range from size of materials and style, and it’s important that you consider all these aspects in order to make a successful, long-lasting purchase. This will prevent you from having to carry a burden on your shoulders all day long.

So, before you dive headfirst and buy the first backpack you set your eyes on, carefully read the below tips.

Size and shape

Consider your typical everyday use. People often overlook what they need the actual bag for. Are you a student who needs to carry a lot of books? A business person who travels with a laptop and some folders? Maybe a sportsman carrying his training equipment? Of course, backpacks come in a variety of sizes (from small to extra large), shapes (round, square, oval), and volumes. Accordingly, your individual needs should determine the type of backpack that will be the best at accommodating your daily needs.

Color and style

Backpacks are not just an everyday item. In fact, they’re genuine fashion accessories. So, you have to determine your style. Do you like flashy colors and stripes? Bags with extra pockets and zippers or just an elegant and classy style? The market will surely fill your envies. If you like to go casual, a backpack with a modern look works best to go with your wardrobe and match all your daily outfits. Nothing beats simplicity and refinement. It’s easy to forget you’re wearing a bag on your shoulders, but keep in mind that it is a fashion statement that speaks volumes about your personality and can be one of the first things people will notice and judge you on!

Comfort and fit

Now that you’ve got a clear idea of your requirements, it’s crucial to pick a backpack that feels comfortable and fits naturally on your shoulders. The ideal model needs to be stable and not strain your back for the times you find yourself carrying a lot of weight. Fortunately, most quality backpacks these days are made with solid materials that will espouse your body’s natural curve over time. Also, a typical model comes with straps that you can adjust at your convenience. Functionality is key especially if your looking for specific options like a ski backpack or for other activities. Furthermore, go for models that have padded shoulder straps to get the utmost comfort day in, day out.

Resistance and materials

It goes without saying that a backpack, besides providing convenience, comfort, and style, must be sturdy enough and long-lasting. You should be able to keep it for at least a few years without it wearing out or undergoing severe damage. This is why you’d better consider the materials your backpack is made of. Your various options include fabric, leather, or even denim. It’s best to test out a few models to determine which one feels more durable. Opt for a water and damage-proof model if your local weather is capricious.

Where to buy them

Although practically anything these days can be searched for and purchased online, we highly recommend that you visit a physical store, or even several ones, to select your next backpack. It’s often the case that an item looks perfect when you’re browsing the Internet, and upon receiving it, you’ll realize it looks smaller than what you imagined, that the color is off, or that you don’t like how it feels to the touch. That’s why it’s best to see it in person, wear it, and feel its material.

The backpack industry generates over 10 billion dollars in sales in the United States every year. Backpacks are growing popular among all segments of society, from toddlers to CEOs. Thus, it’s important to select a bag that answers to your specific needs. Ultimately, you’ll want to invest in a backpack that’s comfortable, caters to your tastes, versatile, and durable. Some people wouldn’t dare imagine their lives without them; they’re perhaps the best option for carrying our various possessions in a convenient manner without putting excessive strain on our bodies.

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