Why Blackjack is popular in the US

Blackjack was introduced in the US just after the French Revolution in 1789. The card game was not that popular in the US when French immigrants first brought the game to America, and only a few people could play it. Then  Blackjack dealers began paying out prizes to only the players at the blackjack table. This drew an audience towards the game, and gradually more and more people started to learn about the game. From then to now, Blackjack has reached a stage of immense popularity all across the country.

Blackjack has gone from being a fun game for a few people in America to being one which the entire nation’s casino enthusiasts enjoy.

Let us explore the reasons behind the growing popularity of the game in the US. 

Easiness in gameplay

The reason why Americans look forward to playing Blackjack is due to the simplicity of the game. Unlike other card and table games like roulette, poker, etc. Blackjack is very easy to understand. The rules of the game pretty much remain the same throughout each session. You do not really have to possess prior knowledge about the casinos to understand how Blackjack works. 

A good combination of strategy and luck is what will successfully land you a victory in the game of Blackjack. You need to be aware of the situations where you have to hit, stand, split and insure the bet. If you think these are complicated, trust us, it’s not. You will find online casino guides and Blackjack strategy experts who will dish out interesting tricks, techniques and strategies of the game and what are the secret ingredients of a successful Blackjack game. Furthermore you will find all relevant information about the game at Winissimo: online Blackjack.

Advantage of Low House Edge

Delving further into casinos, you will come across a term called the house advantage. Commonly known as the house edge, it refers to the portion of the money or the cash prize the casino is likely to get from your winnings. This is why roulette and its variations enjoy immense popularity as the house edge is comparatively lower than the other table games. It is measured at 6%. 

Amidst the card games, Blackjack has a low house advantage and it can go down to 1%. If you have the knowledge and required skill set to play Blackjack, you can minimise your chances of winning irrespective of whether you play at an online casino or a brick-and-mortar casino. 

The low house edge is one of the reasons why people are attracted to the Blackjack table. When there are huge opportunities for winning the game, players will certainly pay another visit to the casino and play another round of Blackjack.

The importance of Strategy And Skills

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to be familiar with the detailed technical know-how of the game but having a strategy up your sleeve will prove advantageous for you in the long run. Remember, Blackjack relies less on chance and more on strategy. So, obviously, knowing certain tricks and techniques will do you more good than harm. You can know when and how to apply the tricks to make the most out of the game.

Slots and other table games are dependent on luck and chance. You have little or less control over the game. Blackjack works on a different principle altogether. The fact that you need a strategy and skill set to win the game and not just luck is another reason why people gather around the Blackjack table and contribute towards the rising success of the game.

The rule of Three To One Payout

Three to one payout is another rule that is popular in Blackjack. It implies that you win the game when you get a Blackjack. Even if you do not win, you still have chances of winning the game till you beat the dealer’s hands. You have to produce a sum of the cards greater than that of the dealers. If you cross the 21 marks, then you will bust and lose the game.

The rising popularity of Live Online Blackjack

Live Blackjack games make it possible to make the game accessible to the masses. You can play it from the comfort of your own house and experience a Las Vegas environment without having to pay a visit to the casino. You get to chat with the dealers and have a personal, interactive conversation with them. Thanks to technology, you can play all kinds of casino games from the premises of your house