Why Businesses Should Use Automated Salesforce Testing: Key Insights


Many software projects don’t allocate enough time or money to ensure the quality of their Salesforce installations. If problems aren’t fixed, they might balloon into prohibitively expensive maintenance issues, or even spell the end of the project. Automation testing is becoming increasingly popular as it improves test productivity, reduces costs for businesses, and significantly affects project costs. This is why many large companies that use Salesforce test automation tools choose to use automation testing.

Utilizing Test Automation To Ensure A Smooth Salesforce Deployment

As a result of the time and effort savings offered by test automation and Salesforce lighting migration, you may run more tests in less time. This raises the bar for test coverage and frees up testers to focus on more complex manual tests. Cases that are run repeatedly find great value in Salesforce automation testing. The efficiency and quality of the software can be improved in this way.

Distinctions Between Hand-Held And Machine-Run Tests

Test automation is becoming increasingly popular in Salesforce. But what’s causing this increase to occur? This becomes clear when they consider the issues found in manual testing and how these are resolved by automation testing. The following are some key distinctions between manual and automated testing:

The Value Of Using Robotic Process Automation In Salesforce

Increased Efficiency And Resource Productivity

Manual testing requires a lot of human labour, which can slow down procedures like bug reporting and test result reporting, and logging. Mistakes are more likely to occur in manual testing due to human error. However, the time it takes to complete a project can be drastically altered by using automation testing in Salesforce.

Lessening Of Business Expenses

Once your automated testing scripts are ready to go, you need fewer hands on the system to conduct the tests often. The use of automation testing in Salesforce can help businesses save money by making better use of existing resources. In this way, the project’s overall costs are reduced, which ultimately benefits the finished product.

Improved Speed Of Bug Reporting Salesforce’s

Automation testing capabilities makes it easier for testing teams to record and report software bugs. Since the earlier a defect is discovered, the sooner it can be addressed, this allows them to guarantee proper functionality throughout all sectors of their organization.

Faster Testing

Less manual labour, and error-free results are just a few ways in Salesforce test automation tools can boost your company’s return on investment (ROI). The testing procedure results in a greater ROI because it reduces costs and wastes fewer resources during its execution.

Educated Stakeholders

Stakeholders can get reliable data on potential threats and test outcomes thanks to automation testing. By viewing the results of the most recent automated test, stakeholders are better equipped to make the appropriate business decisions at their level.


The implementation of automation testing in Salesforce will free up testing resources for more strategic endeavours. As an automation tool, Selenium is the go-to-choice for their seasoned Salesforce lighting migration team. Get in touch with us to take advantage of their expertise in testing Salesforce so that your company may have a smooth transition to the platform.

There’s a good chance you’ll find plenty of knowledge here to help you get the most out of Opkey, get started with Salesforce, or take your existing quality management to the next level. The Salesforce community is full of helpful individuals, and you can always count on the thousands of vendors and system integrators that back Salesforce.


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