Why Businesses Should Use Video Marketing


The coronavirus pandemic has forced most businesses to adopt remote working and online interaction platforms.

Consequently, advertising and media campaigns also shifted towards digital platforms, with video content becoming key.

According to Idearocket, over 70% of marketers have reported having a higher customer rate when using video compared to other media.

Videos have a considerable advantage over text, but successful videos must be engaging, professionally done, and memorable.

Below are seven compelling reasons why video marketing is the best bet for your business marketing.

1. Wider reach

According to data from Forbes, over 80% of people have sought out digital content for information and entertainment compared to before. As mentioned earlier, this shift is mainly attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most countries, particularly those in the developing world, have also witnessed the advent of more affordable and easily accessible internet.

That left the previously data-conservative consumers more open to watching a greater quantity of video content.

Not only that, the restrictions on movement have propelled businesses into adopting online conferencing, which also heightens the traffic exposed to video marketing.

Experts estimate that by 2022, video content consumption shall be 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

That enhanced video reach is also attributable to the increased number of smartphone users and their mobile video consumption.

2. More conversions on sales

Consumers love self-explanatory videos. Therefore, including a product description video, especially for new products, can boost the conversion rates on your landing page by up to 80%.

The reason for this is simple. Humans respond best to visual representations compared to written text.

Videos are, therefore, a definite win for any ad campaign.

Besides, the key to product adoption lies in consumer trust. By building people’s trust in your business or product, you automatically get to enjoy higher conversions and sales.

By design, video content quickly generates trust and makes your product more relatable compared to print media.

A well-crafted product video can therefore help your product hit the trust jackpot and yield dividends in sales.

3. More shareable

As mentioned earlier, a more significant number of ad viewership now happens on smartphones.

Videos, particularly the quirky, hilarious, and engaging kind, are more easily shared on these gadgets.

It is commonplace to stumble across YouTube video compilations such as ‘the funniest European commercials.’

That is an example of the power of shareable videos.

The presence of a more significant number of digital platforms also increases the sharing arena exponentially.

From YouTube to Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram, there are plenty of avenues through which entertaining videos go viral.

Of note is that these social media giants place a lot of emphasis on the inclusion of video footage.

Emotionally engaging or entertaining videos are known to lead to more significant traffic to your site once shared.

That traffic is what later translates into conversations for your product.

4. Greater uptake on YouTube

Every serious video marketer today has an eye on YouTube. Since travel and movement restrictions began in 2020, YouTube recorded an upsurge in its viewership to the tune of over 60%.

The platform’s monetary incentives have also led to the emergence of YouTube stars with massive following whose content has a significant influence on the market.

Most businesses are thus adopting product endorsement through the video content generated by these influencers with impressive results.

An added benefit of doing video marketing campaigns on YouTube is that it has all kinds of audiences.

Consequently, you are in a position to optimize the campaign to suit your audience.

The increased interest in YouTube indicates that the market is more receptive to video content than it has ever been before.

5. Greater Return on Investment

Thanks to technological innovation and smartphones’ availability, even the novice of videographers can make impressive videos.

As far as consumers are concerned, informative videos are likely to convince them to make the purchase.

According to Forbes, over 80% of the customers polled indicated that they are even more likely to buy the product if the marketing video is engaging and well captioned.

6. Better Google ranking for your business

Google is the world’s leading search engine.

Its algorithms are designed to rank user’s content according to the amount of traffic they generate.

By design, videos mean more prolonged engagement with the viewer, which translates into longer time on your website by your viewers and, subsequently, better google rankings.

Alive to this fact, more than 61% of businesses plan to invest more in tech infrastructure and content creation in 2021.

According to statistics, your website is 53 times more likely to show up as the first google result if it features compelling video content.

7. On-demand content

Under the lockdown and scaled-down physical interactions, we have witnessed an upsurge in online tutorials.

These range from advisory video content to tutorials on DIY projects, cooking, arts, crafts, language courses, etc.

On-demand content has left consumers more open to product explanation videos now more than ever before.

Explainer videos may be of the product itself or maybe a tutorial on a project but with your ad incorporated in the video.

On-demand content has opened up a new frontier for viewers who are no longer interested in traditional television as a mode of entertainment.

This segment of viewers is more receptive to informative content that matches their areas of interest. Therefore, it is not only prudent that businesses consider video marketing targeted at this growing segment; it is critical.

In conclusion

content is king and information packed videos account for the most successful ads. It is thus imperative that marketers pay keen attention to what their videos communicate. Some consumers have expressed concern over some of the video marketing campaigns, saying they were too similar to those of their counterparts.


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