Why choose Handmade Rugs over Machine

Rugs are an integral part of our homes. Generally used to cover an area of a room, these rugs are not something that goes unnoticed by a guest or anyone visiting your place. From enhancing your room to bringing color and vibrating the place where it’s spread, rugs play a crucial role in any home. Besides its authentic look, there are other qualities that a floor rug should carry like high durability that helps it last longer. When choosing a floor rug, the most basic question that we consider is its design, how well it matches our room and maybe it’s durability.

However, what we often miss on asking ourselves is, should we go for Handmade Rugs or the machine-made ones? Someone knowledgeable about rugs will depict that machine-made would be better since they are, well, machine-made. That’s not the case. Here are some of the top reasons why choosing a machine-made rug is not such a good idea. 

1. Hand Rugs are Much Durable 

Hand rugs are carefully knitted and precisely assembled by craftsmen who work for days in producing just one piece. On the other hand, machine-made rugs are mass-produced in bulk quantities. Mass production means there is much less attention paid towards developing a durable floor rug. The main objective of such processes is to manufacture in qualities and not qualities which may come in cheap for you but ultimately would not last as long as you might want. 

2. It’s unique

With much time and work going into producing just one piece, the design and built of Handmade Rugs are much more unique and diverse than machine-made rugs. In other words, machine-made rugs are mass-produced meaning there are more numbers of them when compared to handmade that are manufactured in very low quantities. So, if you are looking for something that your guests would see and ponder upon, it’s a versatile design, handmade and not machine rugs should be your selection. 

3. They Tell A Story

A handmade rug is not just a work of time, but it’s a work of art, an opportunity for the creator to exhibit their artistic abilities and create something unique. These rugs tell a story about a place, person, or thing. So, when you bring home a floor rug, you are bringing home tales along with you. Isn’t that amusing? In comparison, when you choose a machine-made rug, you are just bringing home another piece of decor that might give your home a wholesome look but will not be anything more than that. 

4. You are helping Artists

Being an artist is not a high paying skill unless you are someone famous. Especially the rug workers and artists are some of the most unappreciated people. By choosing a handmade rug you are providing an identity, a source of income for the artist who worked on them. Doesn’t that feel good? What if you pay a little more than a machine-made rug, you will know, that by investing that money you are not just taking home a unique rug but happiness and a sense of relief. So, choose handmade rugs, help these artists live a righteous life.

5. No comparison On The Quality 

Just a simple touch of a handmade rug will give you the essence of how thorough in quality the piece is. Artists who work on rugs use only the best materials. Not because they want to sell it at a high cost but because they know they will be spending days with the piece and when it is ultimately made they want to be proud of it. It’s something similar to a painter who might do and redo their painting before showcasing it to the world because they don’t want to be known for a bad painting. In short, you can rest assured that the handmade rug you are buying is of topmost quality. Now, some might complain that these rugs could have minor defects, but then, aren’t these little issues that make anything, like the rug, make more human? 

In the end, if you have the money and you are passionate about what you put in your home, Handmade Rugs should be your choice. Now it is not that you don’t need to do your research on handmade rugs, you do, but when you finally decide and have it laid down on your floor, you will have the satisfaction of owning a significant piece of art.