Why Choose Servers Dedicated For Game Hosting?


Game Server Hosting

Game server hosting makes use of specialised hardware to get the maximum possible performance for any particular game.

This can vary greatly from one game to the next, from RAM intensive games such as Minecraft to high CPU usage games like Rust.

Take Pine Hosting for example, a host which specialises in Rust server hosting,
Pine uses top of the line Ryzen CPUs combined with ultrafast storage and RAM to give their clients the best experience possible.

All of this makes them the absolute best choice for Rust Server Hosting!

Nowadays, most video games offer online capabilities that require cloud storage and aliasing with other gamers.

The development of video games has necessitated functional providers to provide a platform to facilitate online gameplay that won’t affect other aspects of the game. Game developers also have to discover the overall game performance through user analytics on such hosted platforms with tools such as Gamify based on Office 365, MS Teams and SharePoint analytics which is also a critical part of gaming experience.

Opting for servers dedicated to gaming provides excitement to gameplay, not to mention the ease of gameplay.

In most cases, server hosting for Rust is uniquely designed, using extreme server power, which won’t discourage the gamer and result in regular disruptions.

Here are some principal reasons why server hosting for Rust, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Assassin’s Creed needs to be dedicated for gaming.

Gaming Servers Are Optimized

More often than not, regular servers have slow and fluctuating internet connections, which could potentially impact the experience of the gamer.

On the other hand, servers dedicated to gaming offer speeds that resemble a functioning computer.

Plus, gaming servers provide fast speeds that can handle a multitude of users at the same time.

Experience the thrilling gaming experience by loading your favorite games onto faster Azure windows virtual desktop which is accessible remotely from anywhere with top-notch support from a reliable desktop as a service provider like Apps4Rent.

Also, having your dedicated game server enables you to compete with people you want to play with and kick out anyone that is bothering you.

Having the ability to select people to play with also prevents the risk of a cyber attack.

Keep in mind that most hackers often pose as a gamer in the hopes of gaining access to your login credentials. Subsequently, online criminals sell hacked credentials in the black market for a ridiculous price.

Real-time Customer Support

Nothing is more frustrating than continuous lagging when playing video games.

After all, joining a challenge requires your full concentration, especially when the level is challenging or nearly successful.

Servers dedicated to gaming offer reliable customer support in case of any demands and clarifications from customers.

Moreover, these customer representatives can also take suggestions from gamers to better improve the quality of their servers.

Gaming Servers Provide Flexibility

A dedicated game server puts you in charge of everything from customizing settings and gameplay to restricting controls.

In other words, you can start an epic EVE online session or construct a project in Minecraft all according to your inclinations.

Likewise, high-end servers won’t limit your gaming experience based on your hardware at home. Generally, game servers have more storage than the typical hosting server so that it can store information from a myriad of players.

Ensures Safe Storage

Storms, tornadoes, and fog occur when the least people expect it.

In some cases, these natural phenomena can result in a power interruption, which could put all your hard work into naught.

Servers dedicated to gaming have safe storage mechanisms that facilitate progress saves to ensure fast gameplay.

Furthermore, safe storage also promotes worldwide accessibility, allowing you to access player data anywhere in the world.


Remember that top-notch dedicated gaming servers do not come cheap. This is because developers have taken time to install high-end features that guarantee a reliable gaming experience.

So, next time you check for gaming servers, make sure to have a look at some features of Host Havoc.

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