Why creating a branded exterior sign for your business is important


All businesses are looking for ways and means of attracting as many clients as possible. Signage is one of the best ways to advertise your business and inform clients about the services you offer. When it comes to signage, you can have them made for the outdoors as well as for the interior of the business. Before we can go ahead and discuss the advantages of these signs, it is good to tell you what an outdoor sign is. Well, an outdoor sign helps to direct clients to your business as well as inform them about what your business has to offer them. They can be made in different formats such as sidewalk signs, vinyl banners, billboards, traditional business signs, or even simple vinyl lettering.

These unique brand and exterior signage formats are good for your business as they bring in many benefits to you. Let us now discuss why you need exterior signage for your business.

Here are the benefits of exterior signage to your business:

Exterior signage is good for location marking

If your business has a steady customer flow, then you may only just need to advertise using signage. All that is required is outdoor signage that directs clients to the location of the business.  A traditional sign can be attached to the building to help guide clients on the exact location such as floor number, direction, and so on. Vinyl printing or aluminum signs can also be used for this purpose. The good thing with aluminum signs is that they are inexpensive and are durable and reliable. It can also be good for catching the eyes of the clients on foot and street traffic.

Good for advertising purposes

Outdoor signage or a billboard is a good way to advertise your business. It is around the clock advert that works to the benefit of the business. The good thing with the exterior signage is that it can be customized and can also be made from many types of materials such as plastic, sandblasted wood, aluminum, and so on. One can use custom designs, graphics, and sign letters to attract potential clients to their business.

Exterior signs are cost-effective

Every person who owns a business knows how vital advertising is for their bottom-line. They also know how expensive it is to run adverts on print or electronic media. With outdoor signage, business owners do not have to pay too much for it. It is a highly costs effective manner of showing your business to potential clients daily. No campaigns, outreach, or internet marketing is required for exterior signage. A business will spend less and benefit more.

 Target many demographics

This is another very good thing about exterior signs. When a business has installed exterior signs outside their premise or any other far off place, they are sure the target audience will be broad. These signs target all people who pass by them and as such, one is sure they will get many clients. They can bring in traffic from people who may not have been interested in your products in the first place. Rather, there is no audience segmentation as anybody can see the signs and act as a result.

They are non-intrusive

This is probably one of the best things about these kinds of adverts. Unlike a TV ad that has to interrupt programs, a sign does not intrude into people’s lives in any way. Exterior signs do not spam the client’s inboxes. They do not make cold calls to customers. They only draw the attention of people passing by. Customers will therefore not feel that their space is not respected. This is something that should positively work for your business.

These signs build brand awareness

The fact that these outdoor signs are placed in places where there is a lot of traffic means that they can help create brand awareness. When people walk past the signs regularly, they get exposed to your logo, colors, and other aspects of your brand. They get used to it and in a way, can become accustomed to what they see. This makes it quite easy to visit the business, and do it regularly.

Encourages impulse buying

A well-designed outdoor sign entices people to visit your business and spend money there. This means that they will be doing this on impulse. This should help improve the performance of your business. From research, an outdoor sign can increase business sales by up to 4.75%. This is something that businesses need for growth and stability.


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