Why do Bible study?

Doing things on our own is not always easy, especially when it comes to learning something we don’t fully understand or have a strong knowledge base on. Take these following questions as an example:

If everything in the universe like atoms and particles stop moving, does time stop or continue even if everything is frozen? Why do we dream? Does fire have a shadow? The list can go on in regarding difficult questions we as a human species have where finding concrete answers has its challenges that one can’t discover easily on their own especially when it ranges from topical subjects like these to even spiritual ones as well.

One such topic that has been a center for controversy or praise depending on one’s perspective is the concept of God or the Bible too, yet many have taken it to their interest or curiosity. But where does an individual start in trying to understand a scripture that is supposed to come from a spiritual entity without the fear of misinterpreting the scripture itself and hence misunderstanding it?

The answer, attending a bible study.

The concept of a bible study may be a foreign, daunting, or enlightening connotation depending on people’s experiences, just like someone who would learn through a professor or schools for ministry because they know the content more than you. The same goes for understanding scripture because if we rely on our wisdom or emotions to justify an understanding of the bible despite not knowing its entirety, then there’s a possibility to carry a life of faith or opinion based on our mind versus the perspective of the author, God.

To understand this further, let’s examine what a bible study is.

For starters, those who utilize bible studies seek understanding from scripture, guidance from a mentor, or community and usually vary in length albeit a couple of weeks to even years. The structure and requirements typically depend on the one leading the meetings or denomination but in knowing the implication of the name alone, what should be done throughout the studies is examining the bible and gaining not just knowledge, mere memorization, and constant fellowship which many provide, but sound understanding of the scripture as well. It’s important to keep this in mind because it’s possible for individuals to scam people into attending their studies only here mere interpretations, exploiting money, to simply giving surface level explanations that anyone could create.

All in all, in approaching which type of bible study to join knowing there’s a plethora of options (unless you’re in an area that only has few), try to experience different ones with the standard and purpose in mind of being there not just to build community with anyone, but rather being able to learn and understand God’s word alongside people who carry that same motivation. There are different kinds such as women’s bible study, men’s bible study, and community bible study. The current situation of the world has hindered many in-person bible studies or accessibilities, but online resources may help such as Bible Study for All.

Remember that it’s important to have a standard, and hopefully in taking this into consideration, these suggestions will allow you to organize and separate your options to find the one that will serve its purpose well with the reason and common sense used!