Why Do Pipes Make Noise?


Don’t think it’s a ghost! It’s probably noise from your home pipes. During the spooky season in October, the cooling weather can have you hearing rattles, gurgling, humming, banging, and squealing noises coming from your pipes. The noise can be quite annoying, startling and irritating. It’s usually an indication of plumbing malfunction, and these noises are commonly heard in old homes. They are worrying noises that signal your mind to fix the plumbing issue as soon as possible. If not addressed on time, you might incur very expensive costs from a plumber. This article shall analyse the causes of noise in pipes and possible ways to solve the issue.


In most cases, if you hear clunks, vibrates and rattles, it’s an indication that the plumber failed to fix them well, or maybe they have been overworked, which tends to loosen them over time. Find a professional plumber to refit the pipes again to avoid further damages.

Sludge Buildup & Blockage

Wear and tear are common in hard water areas. The air in the pipes gets trapped up in the chambers. The main cause of blockage is the presence of solid particles like hair, soap scum, dirt, grease buildup, food, hard water buildup on the sides of the pipes, toilet paper and any other solid debris. Blockage of the vents system causes the solid material to start circulating, and in the process, noise is emitted. It can also result in foul odour because gases have been trapped, and this can cause a very disturbing environment.

This issue is common in old homes because they have copper-fitted pipes. You’re not likely to experience this problem in modern homes since they have updated plumping and P traps. If the problem is persistent, homeowners need to address the issue quickly.

Rusty pipes

Copper Pipes

Pipes made of copper are commonly found in old homes. These pipes are durable and malleable. However, the temperatures cause copper to expand and contract, so when exposed to heat or hot water, the pipes will expand and, after some time, be sure to hear noises from within. The noise is emitted because pipes get rubbed against each other’s joints, or rather they experience bracket and support stature. If the noise persists, call a professional plumber to realign and fit with steel pipes which works perfectly fine.

Water Humming

Thuds and bangs are alarming noises, and this noise is caused by the water’s high pressure, which causes the pipes to vibrate and cause a humming noise. The issue of water pressure is experienced nearly in all homes as long as they have sufficient and enough water supply. Air is trapped, and water slams into the valves when pipes are turned off. Water is replaced by air, making the air insufficient in the chambers. The liquid later crashes into the valves leading to thud and bang sounds.

For those with wells, check the pressure in your water tank and adjust the setting on the meter regulator not to exceed 55 pounds per square inch. Suppose you can’t solve the issue by yourself or can’t access to read the water pressure, call a professional plumber to adjust pressure settings to 1-1.5 bar and eliminate water humming sounds in modern homes. In that case, they have boilers that help meet the standards in case humming happens.

Ticking Noise

When there is a ticking noise, there is most certainly a leakage. In case of a leakage, try to practice a little troubleshooting, like resetting the air chambers, and in case you hear a ticking noise, then know that there is a serious problem developing that needs to be addressed instantly. If the troubleshooting doesn’t work or you cannot hear any sound, invite a professional plumber to examine the problem and give a satisfying solution.

Noises from your pipes are common – especially in old homes or colder seasons. If you have experienced any of these noises, try fixing it or getting a professional plumber before it causes more damage. When more damage is caused, the maintenance cost can be too high, so it’s wise to fix it when it has not widened up. So, don’t ignore the noises from their pipes, as they are pretty good indicators of an issue with your plumbing!

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