Why Do so Many People Apply for the PMP?

Is PMP high in its value? Why do so many people apply for PMP?

PMP refers to the certification of project management professionals. It is initiated by the relevant organizations in the United States. It is used to evaluate whether project managers have high quality qualification examination or not. I’ll give you a detailed introduction today.

The value of the PMP certification[check here] has been increasing gradually since 2013-2014. In view of the current market environment and the recruitment intention of enterprises, PMP certificate qualification is a necessary professional qualification in the subdivision of project management. From 2013 to 2014, I may have heard a little about the PMP certification, but in the recruitment requirements around 2015, the PMP certification is generally preferred. Since the bidding documents of central ministries and central enterprises clearly require that the project managers of bidders must have the PMP certificate, then the PMP certification is not an selected option, but a mandatory option.

In fact, the PMP certification has a very high value, which is mainly reflected in not only improving one’s management ability, but also increasing one’s experience, expanding one’s career and raising salary, etc. Specifically, it is as follows:

1. Improve management ability

You need to master the contents of PMP which are applicable to various industries, and pay attention to the combination of theory and practice. After pass the PMP exam, you will be able to understand how to overall project execution by systematic inspection, at the same time you also can strengthen the weak link, making advantage of the better link in order to enhance their own management capacity.

2. Raise your salary package.

Because the PMP employment range is very wide, and the social demand for management talent in this field also becomes larger. The PMP project management division has become a high standard of high salary careers. Through the survey, the average annual salary of the professionals at around USD 31120. If you have got the PMP certificate for five years, the salary will be further increased, which is far more than that of other positions. It can be seen that PMP has a high value.

3. It can increase personal experience.

After working for a period of time, people usually encounter a bottleneck in their career development, which makes them feel powerless. In the process of PMP training and examination, people will get help and guidance from a lot of people, which will improve their personal thinking a lot.

In fact, there is no need to doubt it. It can bring you a lot of help. After you attend the PMP training, you can think about empathy from different perspectives, and you can also know a lot of trainees in the industry.

The idea of PMP project management can be applied to all aspects, including the most common life scenes, work and love. They all can be regarded as a project. It is often said that a person is a team. When you feel that managing your team becomes extremely difficult, it is necessary to learn some scientific methods systematically.

Through the systematic learning, PMP will help me improve my “project” management level in daily life and treat problems more rationally. Make project management a habit, a mindset, a way of life.