Why Do the Elderly Need A Lightweight Vacuum?

Are you considering buying your elderly parents or relatives a vacuum but are concerned over whether they will be able to use it? We can tell you that this is a valid concern whenever you are looking for a vacuum that an older person will use.

That begs the question, why do the elderly need a lightweight vacuum?

Reasons Why Elderly People Need Lightweight Vacuums

1. They aren’t as strong as before

This is one of the most valid reasons why you need to buy a lightweight vacuum for older people. As people grow older, they lose some of the strength they used to possess when they were younger.

That’s attributable to the natural flow of events as one grows up. It is preposterous to expect an older person to lift and use a vacuum cleaner that weighs upwards of 10 kilograms.

Older people aren’t as strong as they were before. They are less energetic and thus can’t work with heavy equipment. Even the fittest of them would struggle to lift a heavy vacuum while cleaning.

2. Lightweight Vacuums are Easy to Use

We can agree that top among the features to look for in a vacuum is the ease of use. The ideal vacuum isn’t too hard to use, more so if the person using it is older than the average person.

It, therefore, follows that if you want elderly people to have an easier time cleaning up, you need to get them a lightweight vacuum cleaner for seniors.

3. They Will be More Encouraged to Clean

Have you ever procrastinated to the point where you thought you needed help? Now imagine an elderly person with a dusty house but with a heavy vacuum. Where would they get the motivation to clean with such a vacuum?

The point here is that elderly people are more likely to clean their places regularly if they have a lightweight vacuum. With the adverse effects dust and other kinds of dirt might have on elderly people, they need to clean as regularly as possible.

The best way to ensure they do that is to get them a lightweight vacuum.

4. Because There are Lightweight Vacuums

Does it make sense to get a heavy vacuum for elderly persons when lightweight vacuums exist on the market? Of course, that wouldn’t make any sense. That why another reason we think you should get a lightweight vacuum is that such vacuums exist.

If they are there, why not buy them?

What Else Should You Consider When Buying a Vacuum for the Elderly?

Apart from the vacuum being light and easy to use, you will also need to consider some other things if you are buying a vacuum for the elderly.

1. Cordless vs. Corded Vacuums

Cordless vacuums are some of the easiest vacuums to use. That’s because they don’t have a trailing cord behind them, reducing the incidence of accidents. An older person can easily trip over the cord and hurt themselves.

You, therefore, need to check whether such vacuums are cordless or not. Therefore, whenever possible, always go for cordless vacuums.

2. Compactness

Older people won’t need large vacuums that will take up too much space since they will probably live in smaller quarters. Therefore you will need to consider the size of the vacuum before buying.

Besides, a huge vacuum will make it harder for the elderly person to clean since there is no way it could be light.

3. The Price

Price matters for everything you buy and not just vacuums. It is, therefore, imperative that you consider the price of the vacuum before buying. Inasmuch as you might want a vacuum for an elderly person, you don’t have to pay through the nose if you can help it.

That’s why it is a wise idea for you to consider the price.

4. Convenience Features

Elderly people not only need vacuums to be easy to use, but they also want them to be convenient for them. That means they need to have vacuums that have as many convenience features as possible.

Convenience features such as fingertip controls in the form of buttons on the handle make it easier to use the vacuum. An elderly person would appreciate such qualities.

Final Thoughts

As you plan to buy a lightweight vacuum for your elderly relative or parent, consider some of the things we have outlined here. Seniors don’t need heavy vacuums that make it harder for them to clean.

That’s why it would be a good idea to get a lightweight vacuum if you are an elderly person.