Why do Tourists Love to Visit Cape Town


When tourists come to the Republic of South Africa, it is almost sure that they will visit Cape Town, South Africa’s capital city. The city’s ever-busy airports mean that it is often the entry point for any tourist from abroad but most visitors only ever see one of the world’s most beautiful cities from the window of a taxi or from inside Cape Town International Airport. This is strange as Cape Town is in fact, one of the most colorful, vibrant and exciting places to visit not just in South Africa, but in the whole world.

Following are six reasons why you should factor in Cape Town to your South African voyage.

1. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world

While other cities around South Africa have their own distinct local culture and identity, Cape Town is the place which is more cosmopolitan. With immigrants from all over the world, Cape Town is surprisingly diverse, boasting a large population from regions such as Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South America. This makes Cape Town feels like many cultures packed into one box, meaning there is always something to match everyone’s taste.

2. The City has South Africa’s Best Restaurants

As in such a multicultural city, Cape Town has an enviable variety of hotels and restaurants. Having immigrants from all around the world, there are always countless choices for dining out in the city. From Arabic to Indian, from Palestinian to Chinese, you just have to make a choice. Cape Town attracts South Africa’s best chefs, who have all years’ experience in continental and oriental cooking. If you are looking for food from Arabian deserts or from Norwegian ice peaks, you can find it all in fine dining houses in Camps Bay.

Here is a list of unique tastes you have to try when you are in Camps Bay:

  • Fish and Chips has its roots in the British colonial period. It is delicious and cheap.
  • Gatsby is a large sandwich that comes with different fillings. It does not cost much but it comes with rich varieties of chips, meat, and sauce.
  • The South African Sushi is not true to the traditional Japanese style which makes it something worth seeking out it the region.
  • Braai is South Africa take on Spanish barbecue. You can braai lamb chops, pork, sausages or anything you like. Nothing is more South African than a traditional braai. It’s one of the mind-blowing South African dishes you can’t die without trying.
  • Milk Tart, Koeksisters and Malva puddings are the desserts that will keep you satisfied.

3. The Luxurious Camps Bay

Though some of the best experiences in Cape Town are to be held in a local restaurant, sipping Umqombothi and watching the people go by. The suburb of Camps Bay, with its shiny white, seafood restaurants and natural swimming pools is one of the most beautiful parts in the whole of South Africa.

Whether it be having dinner in one of its sophisticated restaurants, shopping in its malls and street markets or sipping drinks made by the country’s best chefs, your stay in Camps Bay is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. Whether it be having dinner in one of its fancy and sophisticated restaurants, shopping in malls and street markets or sipping umqombothi made by the country’s best chefs, Camps Bay is synonymous with luxury.

4. Cape Town is a beautiful city

One of Cape Town’s distinctive characteristics is its authenticity. You can find everything you expect and you will be hard pressed to find anything in Cape Town built with visitors in mind. While this may sound strange, it is actually one of the city’s most cherished qualities. Tourists from all around the world can visit the city and enjoy the genuine Cape Town experience, something which you can’t expect from the majority of holiday destinations around the world. In a span of a few hours, you can fit right in and become a part of this vibrant city.

4. Five unusual things to do in Cape Town

  • Everything on the menu in Cafe SA is priced at 10 Rand.
  • You will love to play the game of giant sized chess outside Garden Restaurant.
  • You can break plates and drink ouzo at Mykonos Taverna.
  • Even pets are welcomed at Tokai Forest Market and children too will love the fun activities on offer.
  • You can also spend some fine hours learning the secret art of chocolate making at Chocolate Bonbon classes.

5. The Climate of Cape Town

Due to proximity to the sea, the weather in Cape Town is more comforting than other cities of South Africa. The summers in Cape Town attract a lot of visitors. Clear skies and long days make it best for going to the market and beeches. The average temperature during winters is 15 degrees with a minimum temperature of 8 to 9 degrees from June to August. Rainfall is between 80mm in July to 100 mm in September.

6. The Nightlife is among the best in the world

As a vibrant cosmopolitan city, Cape Town has an exciting and incredible nightlife. The richness of its culture is hard to follow anywhere else in the world. You could go out every day for a month in Cape Town without visiting the same place twice. Events take place each weekend encapsulates different things: themes, settings, culture, and music, there is something for everyone out there.

The activism and creativity of nightlife in Cape Town always bring spontaneous experience that you might not have seen anywhere else. What about a traditional African dance on disco tune and a street parade with a band playing 50’s classics?

The city of Cape Town has never been blamed for attracting tourism so the idea of a tourist trap is never generated here. The city is not cheap, and there are trendy restaurants and bars where you can have a good time with family and friends. Once the sun goes down, the city comes to life. With the party on each street corner and malls at every end, there is no shortage of options for a tourist. If spending nice vacations are your thing, Cape Town is your city.



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