Why Do You Need a Contactless IC Card?


Smart Cards are authorization devices with Integrated Circuits (IC) embedded in them that are widely used to store information and use them at the time of need. This is a significant shift from magnetic strip cards technology in which all the information was stored in a magnetic strip instead of IC units. Smart cards have outplayed the older technologies in today’s world due to their capability of processing and storing data in a modern way. Based on their functionalities, smart cards can be divided into two major categories, namely contactless IC cards and contact cards.

Features and Advantages of Smart Cards

The prominent advantage of smart cards comes in the form of data storage, as their ability to keep your data secure makes them unique. Unlike traditional cards, the IC units present on these cards are capable of storing a larger amount of information. For instance, it can store contact numbers, addresses, and virtually every piece of information that can be required at the time of card usage. As these cards provide cutting-edge technology, you do not have to worry about your data as it would stay at the chips forever until you completely destroy them.

With the IC chips present in them, the smart card has various features which its predecessors did not have. For instance, a smart card provides an identity authentication facility so that anyone else using your card will need to prove their identity. One of the distinctive features a smart card provides is its ability to store data on chips without any worry. That data can only be accessed with machines having enough rights to do so. This makes the data present on these cards extremely secure. Smart cards also provide encryption facilities with the help of key generation and hashing so that your data transmission can be made more secure. They are resistive to tampering, so no one can forge your identity to make a smart card that looks like yours. All of these features make smartcards highly desirable.

Contact Smart Card Vs. Contactless Smart Card: Which is Better?

As discussed earlier, contactless IC cards and contact cards are two prominent types of smart cards. As the name suggests, contact smart cards can only be operated when you make them in contact with smart card readers. However, in the case of contactless IC cards, the communication is done with the help of an antenna present within the smart card. As the antenna communicates with the reader remotely, you don’t need physical contact at all. The end purpose of both of these cards is the same, but in times of pandemic, the need for the contactless smart card has increased manifold to maintain social distancing protocols. Even in the post-pandemic world, this technology is likely to dominate due to the facilities it brings on to the table. Not only this, but contactless IC cards are faster than contact cards, not to mention that they are equally reliable.

Contact Smart Card Vs. Contactless Smart Card Which is Better

How do contactless IC cards benefit you?

Contactless IC cards technology is paving the way for the future quite rapidly. It helps you in the following avenues.

Seamless Process

You don’t have to insert your contactless IC card into a smart card reader every time you want to use it. With the help of radio waves, these cards speed up the whole process to an unimaginable extent. All you need is to bring your card near to the machine, and it will automatically switch on the chip, hence making the data transmission possible.


In case your contactless IC card gets lost, you can immediately block it by calling your bank. The built-in features of these cards never allow any stranger to decrypt the data stored within the chips, ultimately making these cards a lot safer.

Where to find the best contactless card?

You may ask what the right place to buy these cards is. This is surely a question worth asking, considering that only a perfect manufacturer can produce the best contactless cards without any fault. Of all the manufacturers out there, Seaorynet provides contactless IC cards that are capable of performing all the functions entitled to them. Their smart card variety ranges from PVC cards to contactless memory IC cards, giving you one shop for all your smart card needs.

Where to find the best contactless card


Seaorynet is an internationally established brand meeting all the necessary ISO standards. They comply with all the standards enacted by global financial transaction cards, including Mastercard, VISA, and UnionPay, not to mention that their cards can be used for a variety of purposes, including public, financial, and telecommunication institutions. As they have been serving global customers for 20 years, they have maintained their authority in the said niche. Whether you want to print your own customized design on the cards or need a design from their highly creative designers, you can do it in a matter of no time to make your cards as attractive as possible.


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