Why does a fat wallet cause a back pain?


Carrying and sitting on a bulky back pocket wallet will cause sciatica, one of the common conditions that predate Costanza’s over-stuffed wallet. Put differently, it is the time to throw the old Costanza wallet in the trash and opt for something better. You might not be aware of the amount of pressure the wallet exerts in your buttocks, but the sciatic nerve knows it better. You should replace the old wallet for the Kinzd front pocket wallet, which chiropractors recommend. Always remember that you can try to treat back pain in any way you want, but you will have to stop the source if you do not want it to reoccur.

What statistics show 

Around one in every ten individuals around the world will experience lower back pain. Moreover, this type of pain affects all people regardless of where they work. Those who work on the farm and those who sit at a desk the whole day are likely to experience it at some point in their life. Of the 40 million back pain cases reported each year in the United States, around 5 million involve sciatica. Sciatica occurs when someone places more pressure on his/her sciatic nerves that run down from the end of the spine into the legs. The pressure might result from herniated discs, pregnancy, bad posture or the huge wallets people carry on a daily basis.

When carrying a huge wallet in the back pocket and sitting on it, you will end up aggravating the sciatic nerve by exerting much pressure on the muscles that surround it in the buttocks. That leads to intense pain in your lower back. Unfortunately, most people do not know that the pain, also known as wallet neuropathy, hip-pocket syndrome or Costanza Wallet Syndrome might radiate downwards into their legs.

Each time you sit on a bulky item, it will twist your hips, distort your posture, put more pressure on the spine and misalign it. The wallet might also exert pressure on your piriformis muscle, which in return can aggravate your sciatica nerve and cause sciatica. According to WebMD, most people do not see too much money in their wallets as a source of low back pain, but it triggers piriformis syndrome. The condition affects men who wear huge wallets in their back pockets. To avoid the problem, WebMD recommends keeping the wallet in the jacket pocket or the front pocket.

A kinzd front wallet is good for your clothes

This might surprise you, but it is the reality – a Kinzd front wallet will fit perfectly in your jacket pocket or the front pocket of your trousers and it is better for your style and clothes too. It will also keep your essentials out of the harm’s way because pickpockets will have a hard time fishing into the front pocket.

For women, purses cause low back pain too. Each time you carry the heavy bag on your shoulder or tot it by the side, it will do several things on the vertebrae after it twists you into unnatural directions. Some women will go for a massage to treat the back pain, but it is always good you avoid it.

Kinzd front pocket wallets are will not cause any such problems. And because placing the bulky back pocket wallet in your front pocket will cause back pain, the Kinzd front pocket wallets are slim. They will be thin including when holding many cards or IDs.

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