Why does natural blond turn green after swimming? | Precautions and tips


What is chlorine? How does it affect your body differently? Why it reacts only to your skin and body? What are the ingredients that make chlorine good for the water and bad for your skin? Are you scared while swimming when you people suggest that swimming without chlorine is not a good idea?

All these questions might be juggling in the mind of new swimmers who have recently got interested in swimming after considering its benefits and the healthy lifestyle that it maintains. But besides its benefits, how can we discriminate its adverse effects?

Currently, the primary concern of the article is to discuss the main problems of the blond hairs swimmers that caused natural blonde or blond hairs into the green. Why, after swimming session, blond hair looks deadly green?

Well, you must be aware of chlorine water that is the leading cause. If you have not listened, then first discuss the root cause, and then we will discuss its precautions and before and after products used to get green out of the hair.

What is chlorine?

Chlorine accident agent that clarified the water and turned it into blueish color. It is known as the best disinfectant, the most commonly used element to clear or hot tub water. The chlorine may be added to the water to sanitize it. Different swimming and sports complex used chlorine to make the water clear, sanitize, fresh, and Blueish. Besides all of its benefits why it created bedside effects on the skin and hair. For explicit knowledge, you need to understand all the natural reaction that it caused your hair to turn green. And if you want to find out if indeed hair transplants leave scars, click the link.

Why does hair turn green after contracting with water?

Here is the most well-known myth that I have to burst at foremost. Many people think that chlorine is making their hair green, and I was one of them who felt like this. But after having a good Research. I understood that chlorine is the second most substantial factor causing blonde hair to turn green, whereas the first causing element is water itself. Because water has a copper element in it and copper makes the hair turn green, you might have noticed that it shows the same reaction whenever you use any Copper element product on your scalp or skin.

One thing that also needs to address is that natural blonde or blonde hairs turn into green infect the black or brown hairs also turn green, but because of the darker color, it never clearly visible to our eyes. The blond hairs are lighter in color, so they are visible to us.

Using copper products is very rare. No one can use this product. It is mainly examined when already present in the water.

Now let’s discuss the second substantial because the chlorine also had copper ingredients. Its oxidants excrete while added to the water and double the process of turning natural blond into green.

The oxidant of hairs absorbed copper and ammonium compounds in it and started the process of changing color.

The question that comes to my head what how we can able to prevent hair from Such reactions. So, the answer to this question, according to Trihard, is to avoid green by using pre-swimming and post- swimming products to create a layer around your hair that will reduce the effect of green and copper absorption.

Woman swimming

But besides this fantastic product, how can we prevent greens?

You can use home remedies that are best known for their effectiveness, and also it is easily approachable, which is found in your house or your kitchen cabinets, so if you don’t wait for the products to be arrived to get green out of your hair. Some of the home remedies that will surely help you get rid of the Greens will be discussed, so if you are interested, keep reading and select the therapy you can easily do.

Without further ado to let’s discussed and tips for getting rid of greens in detail;

Leave-in conditioner 

The best way is to apply the conditioner before going swimming. It will lessen the effect of chlorine on your hair, and the color of your hair will also not damage the conditioner will absorb the impact of chlorine before drinking in hair.  

Wet hair 

Keep your hair wet but doesn’t use the shampoo will damage your hair because, after swimming, you also have to use the shampoo to rinse your hair. In this way, the chlorine will not hang on your hair. And you don’t have o deal with the chlorine problem.

Take a shower 

It is the must process you should take water as soon you come out of the pool so that the chlorine doesn’t get enough time to absorb in hair. You can’t just skip it in any case 

Aspirin own your hairs 

 in case your hair catches up with chlorine, you can use different methods for it. Among them, the most popular way is to use Aspirin. 

It would be best if you used Aspirin for discriminating green from your hair. It is the best option because it is easy to use. You have to take 6 to 8 pills of Aspirin, crush them in a bowl, add water to it and dissolve it for 2 to 3 minutes. After that, apply the mixture on your head for 15 to 20 minutes at last shampoo and conditioner your hair as per your schedule.

Wash with white vinegar

How can we forget about White vinegar’s effectiveness? after taking shampoo, you can wash your affected hair with white vinegar. Put some of the white vinegar on your hair for 5 minutes, then wash out with cool water and at last put a layer of condition on it.

Baking soda

Yes, you got it right. You need to use a baking soda for removing green from your baking soda is available in powder, so you need to make a mixture to apply on your head. Let me tell you how to make it.

Pick up the bowl and fill the fourth part of the cup with baking soda. Wisk it with water put a thin quote on your infected hairs for 2 to 3 minutes. After that, take a shower to apply conditioner and shampoo.


Pour some tomato ketchup in a bowl, fry some French fries and eat it! No

I am kidding with you don’t know that use Catcher to massage the affected areas after that file or cover it in and towel for wallpaper leave it for 30 minutes and you are good to go for shower condition your hair usually and get rid of greens.


If you ever want to have cool aiding effects and get rid of greens, you can use lemon. You have to take lemon, squeeze it in the water and then apply gently on the affected part of your hair for the further 5 minutes, and at last, shampoo and condition your strands. Moreover, the lemon is a natural product which will help your hair to nourish a lot then you don’t have to deal with the breakage anymore other than to remove you can use lemon and yogurt to your hair for silky and smooth hair 

Swimming shampoo

if You don’t want to do any remedy, it will work on your scalp or follicles. Although rare, it doesn’t work. If so, you need to use a clarifying shampoo readily available on online websites or Stores.

diving swimming pool

Final words

Not only chlorine harmed your scalp the copper present in water also harmed your hairs that turned blond into greens. Try using remedies or products. It will surely help you. Meanwhile, here are the 3 best anti-aging skincare tips for sensitive eyes. 

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