Why Does This Coworking Space In NYC Have Such High Energy?

In the heart of bustling Manhattan, New York, you’ll find a unique spot that’s just bursting with energy. It serves as a home to a variety of innovative entrepreneurs, established businesses, bold startups, and gutsy freelancers.

The Farm SoHo is a co-working space designed using repurposed wood from a century-old Southern Missouri barn. This may sound unbelievable but they dismantled this barn into manageable pieces and transported it all the way to New York City where it was given its second life. The space came together with the goal of bringing professionals closer to nature while hustling in the middle of their busy city life.

Now, why exactly does this place exude so much amazing energy?

The answer lies in the design

There are so many reasons why this coworking space in Manhattan can do what it does. However, the increasingly popular location is best known for its rustic interiors, earthy color tones, organic elements, natural light and bespoke wooden furniture. All these factors coming together generate a highly productive work environment that creates a lot of energy for everyone opting to make this their workspace home away from home. Consider checking out the link if you’re looking for trusted business interior companies that can help you improve the interior design of your workplace.

The big secret here is wood

According to the 2018 report by Pollinate entitled “Workplaces: Wellness + Wood = Productivity,” workplaces designed with wooden surfaces can significantly improve people’s levels of productivity, satisfaction, and wellbeing. It restores and stimulates people’s mindsets in much the same way as if they were out in nature.

The positive effects of wood don’t end in the traditional office setup. It can also translate to real benefits in unconventional and innovative workplace arrangements

Wood creates a better mood

The same study has found that wood in workplaces also increases people’s level of happiness. It also helps them with their focus and concentration. For these reasons, people will look at their workplace in a more positive light than if their surroundings are synthetic. They don’t mind spending most of their time there as they can solve problems faster, accomplish more tasks, and feel more creative.

Moreover, the comfort that people get from their environment leads to positive social interactions. This is why The Farm SoHo has a tight and thriving community of entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. The co-working space encourages interaction and collaboration among its members – and its natural interiors are helping it to make that happen.

It’s all in the timber

Entrepreneurs and other professionals spend a lot of time staring at their screens and typing on keyboards. Doing this all day can cause strain on the eyes, neck, shoulders, and hands. Looking up and seeing timber furniture and natural surroundings provides them with comfort due to its innate ability to reduce stress.

Biophilic designs are visually appealing and this coworking space in Manhattan is exceptional in this regard. The sleek finishes of wooden floors and intricate details of the furniture are just stunning and hard to resist. The sight of wood gives members a chance to have a break to relieve the tiredness of their eyes and to take a deep breath to release the tension from their body.

The natural attraction to nature

It is believed that people have a deep-rooted connection to timber or anything from nature. Experts say it’s because we – or, at least, our ancestors – instinctively lived and thrived in agricultural settings throughout history. So, we get a huge dose of energy and healing whenever we are out in nature. The restorative capabilities of trees cannot be overstated.

However, connecting with nature may be a challenge if you are in a concrete jungle like New York City where the only things towering over you are tall buildings instead of trees. So, The Farm SoHo creates a smart solution, which is to bring nature to the city. They even built a treehouse meeting space! These unique features combined with the rustic design are more than enough to give members a sense of the natural outdoor setting.

Nature makes us healthy

In the wild, wood absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. It improves air quality for the entire globe. Wood provides real benefits even if it is used for floors, in-wall accents, and furniture. It moderates humidity levels and, according to highly authoritative research site Springer Link, even has antibacterial qualities!

Combined with the natural light coming from its 9-ft windows, this coworking space in Manhattan helps its members to stay in perfect shape so they have more than enough energy, creative juices, and drive to innovate and grow their businesses.

The perfect mix of nature and technology

The Farm SoHo’s design may have been made using materials from a century-old barn that was originally built out in the countryside. However, it doesn’t mean that the establishment is as old-school as its interiors. In fact, its amenities feature a lot of advanced technology that makes their members’ stay in their space an incredible experience.

The Farm SoHo ensures that everyone is well connected, using high-speed and reliable WiFi and 24/7 access. They offer premium virtual mailbox services as well as HR, insurance, and payroll support. Their conference rooms are equipped with projectors and sound systems. Moreover, they have partnered with top-quality service providers to offer members even more benefits.

With its stimulating work environment, engaging community, and first-rate features and service, it’s no wonder that The Farm SoHo has become home to several technology startups. The co-working space is a certified favorite among designers, developers, social change agents, and entrepreneurs.

It’s amazing how the right design can influence us and have such a major impact on mental health, emotional state, physical condition, creativity, focus, and productivity!