Why Eating Meat Is Really Good for You

If asked about your favorite food, it would mostly include some type of meat. Meat is delicious, you can make it into a variety of dishes, and it’s very good for your health. Meat is packed with nutrients our bodies need to thrive. If you’re a meat lover and want to know its many benefits, this article is for you. 

Nutrients in Meat 


We need vitamins to stay healthy as they perform many roles in our bodies. Some vitamins, like Vitamin A, B12, D3, and K2 can only be found or are more available in plants. 

Vitamin A protects your eyes from night blindness and decline caused by the aging process, and it supports your bones and immune system. It may also protect you from certain cancers.

Vitamin B12 is essential because if you have a deficiency, you will suffer fatigue, constipation and tiredness. It aids your body in forming red blood cells, which prevents anemia and improves your mood to treat any symptoms of depression. 

Vitamin D, on the other hand, reduces risks of multiple diseases, fights depression, and promotes weight loss. Its deficiency causes muscle or bone pain and stress fractures. 

Vitamin K improves bones and dental health. 


You probably already know that protein is very important for your body. Our bodies don’t produce it on their own, so we need it in our daily diet. While you can get protein from plant-based sources, animal-based protein is more similar to the one we have in our bodies, so they call it ‘complete.’ It’s mainly because it has all the amino acids that our body needs to function and build muscles.  

You may have heard that protein reduces your appetite and hunger. It would help you avoid losing muscle mass if you’re trying to lose weight. Elk jerky online is a great option if you are looking for a high-protein snack that is also a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional beef jerky. It also aids the body in repairing itself after getting an injury and helps you stay fit as you age. 


Iron is a nutrient we can’t go without. Symptoms of iron deficiency are tiredness, paleness, dry skin, headaches, and shortness of breath, among others. Having enough iron will allow you to have more energy, a healthier pregnancy, and better athletic performance. Iron can be found in many sources, but iron obtained from animals has more value and is better-absorbed. 


There’s a well-deserved buzz around organic meat. Most non-organic meat comes from animals fed harmful antibiotics and growth hormones. In addition to health benefits similar to those of grass-fed meat, the animals are treated better and lead a more free life, so it’s even more ethical.

Organic food is more readily available now.  If you’re looking to make lasagne or a burger, there are different ways to get this delicious certified organic ground beef that’s chemical-free and guilt-free too. Look for reliable sources that get their meat from family farms and uphold the best standards. 


Is All Meat Good For You?

There are different labels of meat on the market as there’s a high demand for it. While meat is good for you, not all types of meat are beneficial and healthy. 

Processed Meat

Processed meat is meat that has been manipulated, and we don’t mean just cooked. Speaking in general terms, processed meat isn’t good for you, especially if consumed excessively, which is why you should focus your diet more on organic meat products. Examples of processed meat are canned meat, jerky, smoked meat, corned beef, bacon, hot dogs, and salami. If your diet is dominated by processed meat, you’re at higher risk of developing chronic diseases including cancer, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. 

Grass-fed Meat

Like the name suggests, grass-fed meat is when the animal is fed mostly a healthy diet of grass. Grass-fed meat has benefits like containing less fat, more conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids. This is a kind of fat that could lessen the risk of developing cancer and heart disease. It also contains vitamin E, which is a well known antioxidant. 

All-Natural Meat

All-natural meat is different from organic and grass-fed meat because it doesn’t have to do with the lives of the animals. It’s more about how the meat of the animal was handled. If you want meat that has been minimally processed, has no added colors or artificial ingredients, go with natural meat. 

Your favorite dish goes through a lot of processes before it gets to your plate. It’s useful to know more about what goes into your body.  Being aware of the benefits of meat will help you form your own healthy diet. It’s helpful as well, to know what different labels on meat mean so that you can choose what’s best suited for you.