Why every Marketer should start using an Editable QR Code Today?

With the increased use of QR codes in promoting various products and services during and after the COVID-19 outbreak, the marketer’s knowledge of QR codes for marketing improves.

And with improved knowledge about how to effectively run a QR code campaign, they were able to correct many QR code marketing campaign mistakes that large companies like Heinz and more made earlier.

But as they are improving their QR code usage in marketing, the type of QR code they use is a static QR code, which is deemed to be outdated and not suitable for tracking conversion rates.  Because of that, they are still missing out on many business opportunities with their use of this type of QR code.

For them to save themselves from losing millions of dollars worth of marketing opportunities, every marketer should start using a business and marketing type of QR code, editable QR code.

To learn why they should start using one for marketing, let us first learn what an editable QR code is all about and how they can help create brand awareness and convert QR code scans into leads.

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What is an Editable QR code?

An editable QR code, also known as a dynamic QR code, is a type of QR code that allows a QR code user to attach and update the data in a QR code. This type of QR code exhibits all the needed marketing tools and features a marketer will need to support their report.

Among these features are the allowances to create time or scan bounded information changes, tracking pertinent QR code scan data, and the creation of an H5 page landing page.

With the increasing demand for use of QR codes for marketing, every marketer can tap the use of a QR code generator with logo online to create an editable QR code and start implementing it with their next marketing campaigns.

Why the use of Editable QR codes is important for marketing?

Since marketing is all about attracting more people to try using one’s product or services and eventually become their customers, having the right tool to effectively do it is important.

Because of that, marketers are scouring various ways to effectively market their products and services. With QR codes as one of the marketing tools, they employ to attract people’s attention, having an editable QR code to use brings 4 significant reasons that will help marketers make the most out of their marketing efforts.

1. Give sole QR code authority

With the use of editable QR codes, marketers take sole QR code authority of their QR code usage and update the code’s information anytime and anywhere without the need of asking the QR code generator to access your QR codes.

2. Provide real-time QR code scan data results

One of the perks an editable QR code has to offer for marketers is that this type of QR code allows them to track pertinent scan results in real-time. With scan statistics as an important part of measuring the effectiveness of QR code campaigns, the use of this type of QR code can help marketers create their campaign insights report in a detailed matter.

3. Economical

Since this type of QR code allows a user to edit and update the information with the same code, the cost incurred in creating a QR code lessens over the years.  Because of that, marketers can save money with their QR code campaigns than the traditional QR codes.

4. Gives Professional-Looking outputs

As paying customers are keen on looking at how professional a product or service marketing materials look for them, marketers always ensure that the elements and tools they use are professional-looking in terms of design and usage.  Editable QR codes have a professional-looking design, and with the use of a QR code generator with logo, marketers can align the code’s design and logo with the campaign’s theme.


As the competition in marketing intensifies throughout the formative years of digitalization, marketers are catching up with the latest technological means to effectively market their products and services.

With QR codes as one of the technological means they apply in marketing today, marketers need to have the type of QR code like an editable QR code that helps sustain their future marketing needs.