Why Exhibition Stands Make a Difference


At any good trade show, visitors create a wide range of stands, host seminars, and put on workshops that it can make it a challenge to choose from. Many attendees simply don’t have the time to see and engage with absolutely everything available. So, it’s imperative that exhibitors do all they can to make sure their stand speaks to those passing by. Even if attendees have seen your name on the map or in the guide, and they’re planning on stopping by and talking to you, they could still slip right by should their attention be grabbed by something else. And they’re only those that actually intended on visiting you.

Of course, not all attendees make a purchase, arrange to speak to a business again, or even provide their name and email address at a trade show. But you can expect around half doing so. So there are numerous opportunities for you to impress. You just need to know how to attract those passing by, which is where your exhibition stand comes into play.

The look and design of your stand affects how successful you are at generating awareness of your brand at an exhibition. Here are three key reasons why you should consider having a stand at an exhibition.

Grabbing Attention

Around half of exhibitors consider an eye-catching stand to be a valid tactic, with fewer prioritizing social media and giveaways. This only makes sense when you think about it. With the sheer number of exhibitors on display, those walking through the exhibition are more likely to be attracted to a stand that is unique from all the others. It also means they’re more likely to stop by and talk to you.

Creating the Right First Impression

Attendees of trade shows visit the stands that look the most interesting because of the curiosity factor. But within that is the thought that with an interesting stand, you’re bound to have some interesting products, too. The majority of visitors are there to view new products, and their first impression of your company will be made from how appealing they find your stand. A good-looking stand is the first move towards convincing your prospects that you have what they’re looking for. And, as many attendees of trade shows are those with the power to make decisions, you’ll definitely want to make a good first impression.

Making Lead Generation Easier

When you’ve invested into building the best sales team you can, you’ll want to do everything possible to make it easier for them to win over those visiting your stand, and ultimately, bring in the leads.

Wrap Up

Having your own exhibition stand at a trade show is a fantastic marketing tool for you and your business. Of course, you’ll need to maximize the opportunity, and one way to do that is to make your stand as attractive to attendees as possible, which includes making sure you hire the right¬†exhibition stand builders. With the right stand selling your company and its products and services, you can make sure that your skilled team has what they need to attract the right prospects and generate those new leads.

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