Why Farringdon Is a Popular Choice for Businesses Seeking Offices


In recent years, a lot of investment has gone into Farringdon, and it has become a well-connected district with much to offer. Outside of the hustle and bustle of the centre, Farringdon boasts an alternative scene that attracts young professionals from a variety of industries. If you don’t want a run-of-the-mill business location, look no further than Farringdon. Here are a few reasons why Farringdon is a popular choice for businesses seeking offices.

Affordable Location

One of the main concerns for businesses seeking their first office space is affordability, and Farringdon ticks that box. This area is considered a City Fringe location, which means that it is a place that skirts the city but is still within close proximity to the centre. Due to recent redevelopments, there are already plenty of office spaces to suit all needs. You can easily find an office space to rent in Farringdon London, and you won’t need to pay central London prices. Whether you’re looking for serviced spaces or a leasehold office, you have got a lot of choices in Farringdon.

Fantastic Transport Links

Farringdon’s historic Victorian railway station has undergone a redevelopment, and now Farringdon is one of the most well-connected areas in London. On the underground, you can hop on the Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, and Circle lines, while there are plenty of bus routes and overground options to get your employees to and from the office.

Within Close Proximity to London Universities

When it comes to sourcing new talent and business growth, Farringdon is a strategic location. There are many London universities within close proximity to this district, which means you can build professional relationships with prestigious institutions and acquire young intellectuals as they graduate from university.

Thriving Food and Drink Culture

Farringdon has a thriving food and drink culture and is filled with hipster eateries and quirky bars. Just take a walk down Old Street and Clerkenwell Road for a bite to eat. Farringdon is also a short stroll away from the trendy bars located along the Thames. Basing your business here means that your employees can enjoy good food during their lunch hour and after work too. In addition to this, you won’t have to go far if you want to have a business lunch with clients.

Buzzing Social Scene

Besides the thriving food and drink culture, Farringdon also has a buzzing social scene. In addition to socialising in bars and restaurants, colleagues can also experience some culture at the Barbican Centre or the Museum of London. For something a bit different, the University of Arts London plays host to special events and one-off exhibitions. Not to mention, there are a few green spaces in the area if colleagues need to get out of the office and blow off some cobwebs.

Great for Tech Companies

If your business is in the creative or tech sectors, you will feel comfortable in Farringdon. It is close to Silicon Roundabout, a tech hub in London, where many tech companies base their business. Furthermore, you will find that a lot of the office spaces benefit from high-quality connectivity, which is compulsory for tech businesses.

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