Why Gates Are One of the Important Methods of Protecting Babies at Home


precautions and make sure to get the best baby protection for your little one!

Pieces of furniture that improve child safety are suitable for children from 6 months old and up to 2 years. From the age of 3, children will learn how to open the gates, so experts advise to remove them at this point. So, you have plenty of time to get ready and make sure you’re buying a qualitative product.

Benefits of Using a Baby Gate and Other Baby Protection Devices

You might have heard of some horrible accident stories presumably caused by baby gates. However, we can say for sure that the only reason such stories exist is that the safety gates were not installed correctly. If fixed properly, baby gates will increase your kids’ safety and make sure that they will not injure themselves.

Baby Protection for Stairs

Stairs can be a dangerous place even for adults, so it’s easy to understand why extra precaution needs to be taken if you have a baby crawling around. The device will make sure that your toddler will not be in a position to fall down the stairs and get hurt.

If you plan to install a baby gate for stairs, here are some things to consider:

  • Install baby protection gates both at the top and at the bottom of the stairs.

  • Make sure that you purchase a product with screws to be secured onto the wall. This is far more relevant at the top of the stairs because the baby gate could become loose due to the pressure that your child will put on it.

  • Make sure that there are no items next to the gate that your toddler could use to climb over the construction.

  • It is wise to keep the stairs in place up until your baby is comfortable going up and down the stairs. By the time your kid turns three years old, she/he would have figured out ways to open it anyway.

Another beneficial purpose for baby protection gates is to keep your baby in the nursery. This way, you can avoid developing bad habits, such as your child coming to your room and trying to sleep there. This will be damaging in the long run because his/her sleep patterns will be disturbed.

Types of Baby Gates

Hardware Mounted

Hardware mounted baby gates will require that you drill a hole in the wall or the doorway and screw them into place to have the construction secured. This type is the safest solution, and we recommend it if you plan to install a gate at the top of the stairs. Other types are less reliable because they could be pushed down by a child or a pet and, in turn, cause injuries.

Pressure Mounted

Pressure mounted gates are kept in place using pressure caused by the two surfaces that the gate will be positioned between. They are quick and easy to install and do not require that you drill any holes. We recommend you use them anywhere but at the top of the stairs.


We hope you understood the need to install baby security gates in your home by the time the child reaches 6 months. We emphasized the most important reasons why it is a great idea to have them. Please use the comments section to give your feedback about any other baby protection tips.


Jonathan Carell is a carpenter and plumber by profession. Ever since his first child was born, he gained an interest in DYI projects around the house with baby safety in mind and writes about them at Top-Mom.com

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