Why Holiday Parks are Great for Families


Planning a family holiday can be a stressful experience at times. You need to consider your overall budget, but you also need to find somewhere that caters for everyone in your family unit. There are plenty of options to choose from; all-inclusive resorts are often a popular choice, but holiday parks can be another fantastic place to take your family to on your next trip. They can be found all over the world, which means you can explore other cultures and see new places, while still making sure everyone is kept happy. Here are some reasons why you should consider a holiday park for your next annual family holiday.

They’re Affordable

One of the most attractive features of holiday parks is they are usually very affordable. There are different ways you can stay there, too. Some sites are happy for people to bring tents or caravans onto the land to pitch or park in designated areas, or you could rent a lodge, cabin, or static mobile home to stay in. You can usually find offers to purchase a holiday home at one of these parks, too, which is ideal if you intend to come back every year for a break. Click here to find out more about holiday home ownership at these parks.

They Have Great On-Site Facilities

Another perk of a holiday park is that there are plenty of on-site facilities that you and your family can take advantage of. Usually, you will find a swimming pool, a gym, a bar and restaurant, and even an on-site shop if you would prefer to dine in your holiday let instead. By having all of these facilities within walking distance of your accommodation it saves you a lot of time and hassle, freeing you up to enjoy more of your holiday with your family and doing the activities you love together.

They Provide Entertainment for Kids

A lot of holiday parks offer kids’ clubs that will keep the children in your family entertained for hours. They can make friends to play with while they’re on holiday and parents get a break during the day to enjoy some quiet time. There is usually on-site entertainment organized as well, including live music events or movie nights for the whole family to enjoy together in the evening. Some holiday parks can also arrange day excursions for guests, such as horse-riding, rock-climbing, or hiking trips. If the park itself doesn’t offer these activities, they can at least provide you with some more information on what there is to do in the local area if you wanted to get out of the park for the day.

They are Good for Short Breaks and Longer Stays

Finally, holiday parks can cater to shorter breaks like bank holiday weekends or half-term holidays, or you can stay for much longer. Of course, depending on the time of year the rates will change, but you can plan your holiday around your budget and enjoy these parks throughout the year. Some even have special festive events for those looking to get away during the Christmas break or the run up to it.

There are many benefits to visiting a holiday park for your next family holiday. If you haven’t given them a chance before, perhaps this year you should.

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