Why Is An Excavation Important For Your House’s Foundation?


Many people believe that the roof is the most important part of a house because it protects the homeowner from external hazards, such as storms and rain. However, not only the roof but the foundation is also considered a soul of a house. A weak foundation will quickly lead to the house’s deterioration and aesthetics loss both inside and outside.

“Why is an excavation important for your house’s foundation?” This article is intended to help you better understand the importance of excavation, how to do it properly, and the introduction of an excavation company in Sherbrooke, QC, who can help you do a perfect excavation.

The Importance Of A Foundation

The Importance Of A Foundation When Building A House

As you know, the foundation is always the most important part of a house or a building. For the upper part, we can easily handle and fix it. But if the foundation is not done carefully, it will easily lead to dangerous harms affecting the lives of everyone in the family and even the neighbors around you.

Here are five reasons you should process the foundation carefully.

Supports Your house

The foundation is to support your house. If not excavated correctly, the house sinks into the soil unevenly, creating damage to the house. In some areas prone to flooding and earthquakes, the foundation is even more important, as it will help the house withstand disasters. Therefore, excavating the foundation and building foundation requires careful consideration and depends on each region, soil type, geology, climate.

Resists Natural Forces

Normally, there are always many natural forces that can impact on your house. For example, the changes in soil moisture, table water, temperature, tectonic movements. If your house has a weak foundation, it can be cracked and washed away by these natural forces. In contrast, a good foundation helps to resist these forces and prevent further settlement and movement.

Insulates Your house

Not only supporting your house, a foundation is responsible for insulating your rooms in a cold climate. In these areas, insulation material is added to avoid the transfer of heat from the outside environment and vice versa to avoid the loss of heat from inside.

As a result, an insulated foundation could save you a lot of money on keeping warm.

Keeps Moisture Out

In addition to the factors listed above, moisture is a factor that you must pay close attention to as it can damage your house. If rain and snow accumulate around your living space, it slowly seeps into the soil if not drained.

Water is also transported to the ground by the roots of the plant. As a result, the soil will expand and become softer under the action of water, thereby putting pressure on the foundation. In addition, standing water can pass through and make your basement moldy.

Therefore, when excavating the foundation, remember to pay attention to the drainage section.

Prevents Insect Infiltration

Last but not least, a good foundation also helps to prevent the invasion of insects which are living under your house. Insects such as bugs, critters, especially termites, should be kept far away from your wooden floors. A good foundation will help you to do this.

How To Do The Excavation When Building A House?

How To Do The Excavation When Building A House

How To Do The Excavation

Through the above part, you have known that a great house must have a stable foundation.  Therefore, excavation is one of the most important parts of your house and always go for an expert excavating contractor.

To do a proper excavation, you need to go through all the steps below

Clean The Site

In this step, you will get rid of all the big objects standing on the ground, such as unwanted trees, rocks, boulders. After pulling down all the trees, the stumps should also be removed. If there is vegetation available, it should also be cut to proper height.

Stake The Site

After cleaning the site, you will stake the foundation to mark where your house will be. Normally, you will plug four stakes into the four corners of the house. This helps in measuring the dimensions of the house.

Layout Design

Now, you get the actual dimensions, and the next step is to draft the design of your house. Usually, the design will include patios, planters, walkways, and other structures. At the end of this step, you will begin to partially visualize your future house.

Preparing The Site For Building

You will start digging the staked area, adding water drainage. Besides, it’s also time to install the footers around the foundation’s slap.

After that, trenches are also dug, and the drainage pipes are placed into these trenches. You should pay attention to this step; the drain is always a very important part of your house.

The builders will lay the gravel on the ground. Drainage pipes are also placed simultaneously. One note is that you must make sure the surface is flat before laying the foundation.

Excavation Company In Sherbrooke, Qc

No matter how much beautiful furniture your house has, it won’t be considered to be a good house if there is no solid foundation. Any cracks or carelessness can do a lot of damage to your beloved house. Therefore, choosing companies when excavating and building the foundation is vital. You should choose the one that has many years experience in foundation construction.

For example, an excavation company in Sherbrooke, QC is specialized in making stable and high-quality excavations for thousands of houses. They have staff with many years of experience specializing in excavating foundations. They can undertake large and small projects, both residential and commercial because they are fully equipped with the equipment, machines, and materials to build a reliable foundation.

Besides, coming to QC, you will no longer have to worry about water moisture because they have the best water drainage and the best waterproof material.

You can find more information about this company by clicking on their website here.

In A Nutshell

This is the end of our article on the frequently asked question, “Why is an excavation important for your house’s foundation?”. After reading through this information, we hope that you have understood the importance of excavation and foundation. Remember that Excavation company in Sherbrooke, QC is a reliable company with many years experience.

Thank you for your time!



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