Why is Emma Watson a role model?


Emma Watson, Popular for achieving the precious role of Hermione Granger, has emerged as one of the most favorite actresses at the age of only 11. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born on 15th April 1990 in Paris, France. She was the only chosen one for the female protagonist in the Harry Potter movie series. She has carried her bossy personality from the day she entered the Hollywood industry. She was perfect for her role in Harry Potter since she is a passionate book reader even in her real life.

Apart from her presence in Hollywood, she is a regular protestor of human rights. She stands for gender equality, Climate change, and education. She had a massively successful career for more than 20 years and she learned how to use her popularity and power of being a celebrity wisely for good causes.

Why is Emma Watson inspiring?

Handling stardom and power at an early age can be very difficult. But Emma Watson proved that even after earning fame at a young age she can control and balance her life wisely without letting things out of her control, this makes her an inspiration for many young people.

Emma was excellent in her studies, she was even given private tuitions on movie sets. Our Hermione Granger continued her studies at Brown University while filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1&2 but she had to drop out to play her character in the two movies with complete dedication and love. After finishing filming in the last two movies, she earned a degree in English Literature from Brown University. She wanted to continue her studies to keep learning, and not for a good degree.

Her interest in studies inspires and motivates the young generation a lot. Emma kept studying even when she didn’t need it. Her desire for reaching her career goals and using her popularity in the correct place, like the uplifting of women is praised by many. She is an inspiration for the people who struggle to stand up for the right.

Our Hermoine Granger flaunts her perfect physique in anything she wears and everywhere she goes. Emma Watson’s measurements make the whole room stare and many get inspired by her. She holds a perfect hourglass figure which is loved by many girls and women.

Watson likes to stay active and follows a packed workout routine to stay in her eye-mesmerizing shape. Her exercise routine contains cardio sessions, walking, jogging, ab workouts, etc. She also maintains a suitable healthy diet along with exercising. She is a role model for many fitness freaks and is praised by young emerging athletes.

How did Emma Watson make a difference?

After completing higher education at Oxford and Brown Universities she went to be the Goodwill Ambassador of UN in 2014. She is inspiring for being a prime feminist and standing for women’s rights. She began a campaign named HeForShe, motivating men to cheer and support the feminist movements. The objective of the movement is to create awareness of discrimination and violence women face throughout the world.

She says the way men are shown as stronger but emotionless, is wrong, as this is not true. She also talks about promoting equal treatment towards men so that they can open up with their feelings and emotions like women. Men should be able to cry when holding up is difficult without looking weak. She promotes gender equality and talks about educating women about the importance of equality.

Emma Watson introduced a feminist book club called “OurSharedShelf” in 2016 which open to her Goodreads followers. She is an effective member of the agency, The Book Fairies, that leaves random books on the road so any random person can find and read all over the world.

What makes Emma Watson a hero?

After completing the Harry Potter movie series, where she was portrayed as a female hero in a fantasy world, she decided to be a hero in real life too. In her 20 years career, she didn’t only earn a huge amount of money but earned a lot of respect from normal people.

She belongs to that minority of the famous people who regularly participate in activism in the form of movements and campaigning to work for the needy people across the globe. She is a human activist who wants to bring real change to the world. She is a feminist who believes that promoting gender equality will also help men too, as men also face many burdens because of some specific gender taboo.

The Beauty And The Beast, actress requests her fans not to send any gifts to her, instead, she wants them to donate them to the needy or any charitable organizations.

How did Emma Watson change the world?

Before even reaching the age of 30, Watson visited some underdeveloped countries for the upliftment of education of the female gender. She organized campaigning in Zambia And Bangladesh as her humanitarian accomplishment.

To encourage fair trade and organic clothing, she worked and assisted as an ambassador for the evolution of educating rural African young girls in Camfed International. Through her efforts, she got the support of 10 universities, 10 presidents, 10 CEOs, and 10 world leaders to promote gender equality in various ways.

After getting the opportunity to be a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she assisted to start her gender equality campaign named HeforShe, which came out as a massive success.

Interesting Facts About Emma Watson

  1. Emma Watson was born in Paris, France, even though everyone knows she is British.
  2. Her professional acting debut was as Hermione Granger in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” even though she had appeared in several stage plays before that role.
  3. In addition to her roles in movies, Emma’s feminist book club “Our Shared Shelf,” which she established in 2016, is one of the projects she has received the most positive feedback on. Although the club is no longer active, it was successful for four years, during which time members enjoyed the stimulating conversation and the company of their peers.
  4. Emma has been very involved with UN Women, and she gave a fantastic and insightful speech about contemporary feminism, focusing on how it needs to become more equitable and inclusive.
  5. Emma Watson went to college and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English despite the strenuous demands of her career in Hollywood. She attended Brown University, where she led a fairly typical life as a college student there. Her first day was marked by a few stunned stares, but after that, nobody ever asked her for an autograph or made things difficult for her. After that day, nobody ever asked her for an autograph again.
  6. Emma not only has a college degree, but she is also a trained yoga and meditation teacher.
  7. Emma Watson was hesitant to continue in the role of Harry Potter after the fifth film, even though the Harry Potter films continued to be a huge draw at the box office.
  8. Watson was one of the leading actors in the BBC movie adaptation of Noel Streatfeild’s novel “Ballet Shoes.” It was her first role outside of the Harry Potter series.
  9. At the time, Emma Watson was the youngest person who had ever made it to the cover of Teen Vogue. She did so at the age of 15, making her the youngest person ever to achieve this feat.
  10. One of Emma’s favorite things is to keep a journal, which she does regularly. She keeps more than 30 journals, covering topics as diverse as yoga, dreams, acting, people she’s met, and suggestions she’s been given.

The Bottom Line

Every child’s favorite Hermoine Granger started her career in a lead role at a very early age. She carried on her studies as a topper while filming harry potter and she has been recognized in the list of the world’s top three percent of people with the highest intelligence, she has an IQ of 138. At this young age, she achieved so more both as an outstanding actress and as a great human being. We are excited to see what more she achieves in her upcoming days.

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