Why is gastric sleeve in Poland a great idea?

Poland is a very attractive place for tourists – its unique cuisine, breathtaking nature trails and reserves, rich history, numerous landmarks, museums and churches, and famous cities e.g. Kraków make it a very popular destination for tourists. Regarding health care, Polish private clinics meet the highest EU standards and Polish surgeons are world-class specialists – such a professional care is available at the low price. No wonder Poland is one of the top countries chosen by medical tourists, including bariatric patients. 

Bariatric surgeries in Poland – a highly developed branch of medicine

Since joining the EU in 2004, Poland has opened itself for international tourists, including medical tourists. Nowadays, there are many bariatric centres which are focused on treating foreigners – they hire only English-speaking personnel, use the advanced technology and newest surgery methods (which reduces the length of a patient’s stay and minimizes the risk), offer many services in an online form (including consultations before the surgery or aftercare program) and help with the organization of stay (e.g. book the hotel for patients). 

operating room surgery

Usually, clinics require medical tourists to stay for a week in Poland. The first days are devoted to thorough consultations and examinations. The surgery takes place on a 3rd day – patients usually spend 3 days in the clinic. Before returning home, bariatric surgeons and dieticians give patients detailed instructions for the recovery and diet for the upcoming weeks. 

The model of a complex weight loss treatment for foreigners has been developed and modified for years, but now it seems to work perfectly in Poland. The number of medical tourists there is so large that many clinics hire dedicated coordinators for foreign patients who assist them in the clinic and help organise non-medical aspects. 

The price of gastric sleeve in Poland is very affordable

Bariatric surgeries belong to the group of treatments that can be funded by NHS or insurance. The truth is, however, that the NHS or insurance not always covers such a surgery and NHS lists are very long – sometimes these are months of waiting …  So, the alternative is undergoing the surgery in a private clinic. The price for gastric sleeve in such countries as the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Germany or Scandinavian countries is so high that the majority of people simply cannot afford it – it often exceeds 10 000 GBP. The average price for gastric sleeve in Poland is 5200 GBP, which is twice as cheap as in the mentioned places. The additional expenses connected with travelling are minimal – the flight tickets prices start from 20 GBP, the hotel cost in Poland is also cheap compared to Western European countries. What is also interesting, many clinics in Poland offer full all inclusive packages including the surgery with the hotel and transport, which eliminates the additional costs at all. 


How to do it?

Whether we look for the gastric sleeve in our country or abroad, we need to do the research of the clinics and surgeons. There are many websites comparing the clinics on a world scale and many medical travel agencies which offer a free help with finding the best clinic in a desired location. Such agencies often organize the whole trip, not only the surgery, which is very comfortable for patients. It is important that you list all the factors that you find important, which may include the specific location or city, price, or chosen surgeon – it will narrow the options and shorten the research time. 

Nowadays, travelling abroad is affordable and accessible, and planes have become a regular means of transportation. There are no limits regarding the place where you would like to have the gastric sleeve surgery – the organization of such medical travel is as easy as organization of a treatment in your country. So, once you feel ready to change your life, restore a healthy weight and improve health, consider having n affordable, yet professional and effective bariatric surgery abroad.

Written by Klaudia Grabowska