Why is IQF the best choice for freezing vegetables


Frozen vegetables have hit an all-time high in terms of sales in recent years. On a worldwide scale, this is an industry that keeps developing, which is why it’s wise to keep a hand on its pulse. IQF vegetables are the premium-quality frozen goods that are still affordable and easily marketable. Here’s how:


Frozen goods come in dozens of different packages, are processed through different methods, and are ready-made for the consumer to enjoy. However, what we see is what we buy, and some frozen goods look more immediately appealing than others. This is a significant contributing factor that makes IQF the go-to approach.

Individually Quick-Frozen products, or IQF for short, supply the best possible service in terms of visual appeal. That is all thanks to the innovative, unique freezing process, which doesn’t treat the food as “blocks,” but focuses on individual pieces. During the freezing process, cold airstreams flow from above and below the products, freezing them in the air, while keeping them in motion, ensuring there is no formation of clumps. The result is one worthy of the best restaurants in the world, and one the best chefs would be happy with near-fresh looking vegetables, for everyone to enjoy!

The vegetables themselves keep much of their initial visual appeal, with the colors being still as close to their natural version as possible.


When freezing food of any kind, speed becomes a crucial element. Not only does it define how quickly your business can keep up with industry demand, but it also helps you increase production capacity directly with the number of raw vegetables you have available. Fortunately, Octofrost has ensured that with their products, no amount of product will be overwhelming. At every step of the way, from blanching to freezing, a blisteringly quick processing speed is ensured so that the product keeps all of its nutrients.
With a production capacity of up to 15 000 kg/h and various infeed possibilities, you’re guaranteed to have the capacity necessary to avoid any bottlenecks.

This ties in to the previously discussed aspect of appearance, as the quicker something freezes, the better it preserves its natural elements. This includes both minerals and vitamins, as well as texture, color, and overall appearance.
Quick processing speeds to meet high customer demands are an absolute necessity if you’re planning to be competitive. Beyond that, it leads to our next point:

IQF quality

When using the best vegetable processing equipment available, you’ll be privy to all the earlier benefits, and more. Crucially, among them, is the elevated level of quality your frozen vegetables will have. If frozen at once after collection, frozen vegetables may often hold more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than their “fresh” counterpart. The reasoning for that is:

The time it takes for the frozen vegetables to be delivered to the consumer is longer than that of their fresh brothers, however, they’re completely preserved during that time. That means that we fully keep the biological processes involved in food degradation on lock, and the products are stored and transported while taking that into account. As a result, the only time you should consider the product as still losing nutrients at a rapid pace would be before collection and processing.

However, when collecting fresh vegetables, they might be stored somewhere and kept fresh during transportation. Or, perhaps, they’re frozen during transportation, and re-heated and put on display once they’ve arrived. In either case, the total time the product will stay out in the open and slowly but surely lose nutrients is greater. That’s why so often buying fresh might mean buying a vegetable that feels “older” to the taste or that doesn’t seem as appetizing as its frozen counterpart.

High-grade vegetable processing technology

Why is IQF the best choice for freezing vegetables

When considering who to help you launch into a competitive industry, one right answer comes to mind: Octofrost. Known for engineering prowess and high-performance, Octofrost’s IQF Freezer can be the perfect addition to either an existing processing line or buying it wholesale if you’re starting from the ground up.

While it might seem like a high investment initially, it’s unavoidable to create products that will stand out in terms of quality, which is ultimately what frozen food is all about. Its primary goal is bringing healthy consumption of fruits, vegetables, and dozens of other types of frozen products to a surging worldwide market. Not only does this offer a more sustainable alternative to existing methods, but it also creates less food waste and better resource allocation, thanks to Octofrost’s hyper-efficient engineering.
Thanks to a consistent dedication towards top-grade performance, the speed and processing power of this processing line are unmatched, especially when considering the cost-saving functions. You can adjust performance on the fly for processing several types of products with different requirements. In a similar sense, you can readily adjust the speed of fans generating the flow of cool air for lower product quantities and there are systems of recirculation of water and air in a place that help conserve costs.


One of the foremost concerns over the past couple of years, partially having to do with the worldwide situation, has been hygiene. Consumers want to know that the product they’re buying is not only going to be delicious and appealing but also not going to pose any threat to their health.

Fortunately, Octofrost’s IQF vegetables are top-of-the-line for current hygiene standards. Having a patented bedplate system in place allows the machinery to be run without stopping, by replacing the bedplates on the go and cleaning them out when necessary. This allows the equipment from Octofrost for processing vegetables to exceed current hygiene regulations. Excel in your business by future-proofing against such potential roadblocks.
The Freezer features simple access under it and easy-to-clean surfaces on the inside, covering all the bases.
In short, IQF supplies the premium quality products your business needs to succeed. Thanks to years of engineering and excellent foresight, Octofrost can guarantee that your equipment is unmatched.

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