Why Is It So Hard For Me To Get My Face Tattooed?


Keeping up with social media trends has had many contemplating the possibilities of tattooing. Every day, more and more people opt for highly visible tattoos, including micro-script on the fingers and the fantastical wings that extend from the neck to the face. It’s easy to see why: it’s cool, intriguing, and the perfect way to make a personal statement. However, what many don’t give equal attention to is the consequences that follow these types of tattoos, and you may find it hard to get certain parts of your body tattooed. Read on for reasons why tattoo artists don’t do face or hand tattoos.

Why Some Tattoo Artists Avoid Face And Hand Tattoos

The notion is that the client is boss to the artist, and as such, they should get busy as soon as you are ready to ink it. But the truth is you should be grateful when a tattoo artist cares enough to say no to a short-sighted decision. In other cases, the artists also feel burdened by promoting decisions that may cost you later in life.

Well-established tattoo artists have been on the job for years and even own shops in different cities worldwide. It’s fair to say they have seen it all. As a result, most have policies against face and neck tattoos for justifiable reasons. When you meet them during the consultation stage, they can explain the issues surrounding these sensitive tattoos and explore your other options. That said, turning down your desired tattoo is not the worst thing.

Why The Fuss When It Comes To Face And Hand Tattoos?

Moral predicament

Tattoo artists can probably write pages about the public scrutiny that goes with highly visible tattoos. For starters, it minimises the probability of successful employment in most industries and exposes you to unfair judgement and ridicule from colleagues, friends, and family. On top of these, your tattoo artist carries all the weight of your tattoo decision on their shoulders. It is also culturally wrong in some parts of the world. Judging from the high visibility, you would be unable to cover the areas. Still, the bottom line is if you have your mind made up, no one can stop you. Tattoo artists will be happy to get the job done, particularly for those who have tattoos themselves or are heavily tattooed with little space for more tattooing.

Quality problem

It is especially true for those who wish for a hand tattoo, as your hands are always up to something every day. Come to think of it, whether you are an office worker, labourer, mechanic, or dishwasher, your hands are at the centre of your performance. That said, even ‘resting’ your hands to allow them to heal properly can be a problem. Secondly, the hand skin is continually shedding and much thicker than other body parts. It makes the application and healing of the tattoo both difficult. But an artist focusing on quality will guarantee their tattoos and even offer free touch-ups. You probably wonder, are touch-ups necessary with high-quality work? Generally, hand tattoos need touch-ups due to fading, blurring, or falling out. However, tattoos that undergo proper application and healing may not need further work. Most importantly, avoiding problematic parts is best.

Poor quality is bad for business

When everything is all done, and you walk out of that tattoo shop, the tattoo represents the artist and grades their work. Typically, anyone who sees it will likely ask about the artist, with a ‘great’ comment following closely when it’s done right. If the tattoo is not admirable, the artist also gets blamed for it.


It’s advisable to have a comprehensive discussion with your artist before the tattoo work. It makes it easier to find a middle ground on a suitable alternative after understanding why the hand or face tattoo is better not done. But if you are set on that specific tattoo, you can always find an artist who will be willing to do it.

Think about it, if the artist is ready to draw the tattoo without caring to spill the consequences, do they care? And can you trust their quality? Finally, it’s crucial to select your tattoos and artists carefully. Remember that the healing of tattoos, sensitive or not, still depends on you.


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