Why is the NFL so popular?


With the likes of the NBA and MLB, the National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular sports in the USA and undoubtedly continues to grow each year. It’s one of the favourite pastimes during the weekends with a mass majority of the fans. It is the most profitable sporting league in the world! Although there have been few changes over the years, it is safe to say it has not lost it’s magic and will mostly won’t in the years to come.

Let’s see below some of the many reasons why the NFL is so popular

The very gameplay

A game of ultimate strategy, American football can be ruthless and elegant at the same time. The game-planning that goes into each and every game is nothing less of a secret service mission trying to identify trends and weaknesses of the opposing team. In the end, it all comes down to how a team executes on the game day. The offense clicking and driving the ball downfield, and how they do it. At times it seems too easy for the quarterbacks just because they are so phenomenal at that. And on the other hand the  vicious defense that uses physicality to win a game. There’s no denying any game will always be an entertaining one.

A weekly event

Every Sunday during the NFL season is like a festival for the die hard fans. Be it their home team or others, people across different households sit down to enjoy the game. And the support and patriotism towards one’s home team is nothing like one has ever seen. With each team having only 16 games every season, each week is just as important as the next as one loss could crush the hopes of thousands about making it to the playoffs.

The variety of amazing athletes

With the skill sets each player brings to the field and their position is nothing less than phenomenal. There are receivers who can run 40 yards in a little over four seconds, and then there are linemen who can bench 250 pounds more than 30 times. The awesome quarterbacks can sling a football 70 or 80 yards down the field right into the hands of a waiting receiver. The linebackers can hit someone hard enough to rattle their insides around, and kickers that can boot a ball through two posts from 50-plus yards away on a windy day. The athleticism these players show is beyond compare and unmatchable for us mere mortals.

The Super Bowl

Last but not the least, the sporting extravaganza called Super Bowl is a fantastic spectacle. The records it’s broadcast have broken involving social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is marvelous. The two weeks before the Super Bowl with every analyst on every station making their prediction along with a variety of other celebrities and guests, can be a harsh truth to some, but it is all part of the big game. The drama and magic that goes in the game is unparalleled and eagerly looked forward to even if one is not a fan of the NFL.

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