Why Kn95 Masks are Effective


Now that we have faced a world-wide pandemic, it has changed the way we perceive the world and live our everyday lives. 

We have realized that it is possible to do more things remotely than we would have ever perceived to be possible. It is possible to have almost anything delivered straight to your door. There are still a few mandatory things we have to do in person; we need to make sure we are protecting ourselves in these moments.

Protection Against Covid-19

Since it is just not reasonable for you to never go into public, there are certain precautions you should take to protect yourself. Hand sanitizer is one of your best weapons against Covid-19. It comes in three different forms: gel, liquid, and spray. Spray hand sanitizer is the most versatile. It can be used to sanitize more than just your hands. You can use it to spray down your car and all your items that are exposed to the outside world.

Disinfectant wipes are another item you will need to battle the pandemic. Keeping a container in your car is a great idea. Make sure to grab one when going into the store so you can wipe down the cart or basket before you use them. This will help to kill anything that might have ended up on your hand. Still use your hand sanitizer once you leave the store. You know the saying “better safe than sorry”.

If you are going to leave your home you must have a mask. This has become second nature to everyone. While the main reason to wear a mask is to protect others from our germs, there are masks on the market that also protect germs from entering the mask. Early in the pandemic, there was a shortage of these masks but now they are back on the market and available for purchase. 

Kn95 Mask

The kn95 face mask offers you another layer of protection from the Covid-19 virus. Most masks only keep germs from exiting the mask whereas the kn95 also does not allow them to enter. This will help protect you from the germs of the selfish people that refuse to wear a mask, but what masks this mask different? Why is it any more effective than a cloth face mask?

Kn95 is made from multiple layers of synthetic material. Most often these layers are made of polypropylene plastic polymer. This type of mask is similar to all others on the market in that it is designed to cover your mouth and nose and secure behind your ears. You want to make sure the mask fits securely to offer the most protection. 

Kn95 masks are named for the fact that they filter out 95% of particles in the air. It will filter out anything that is larger than .03 micron. While the Covid-19 virus is smaller than this it has to connect to larger molecules to travel through the air. This is why the kn95 mask can be successful at filtering out the virus and keeping you safe. 

Now that you know why the Kn95 masks are effective, you should not doubt that it is your best choice as far as protecting yourself from the virus. Other masks only protect others from your germs. 

Unfortunately, everyone will not wear a face mask and we have to also protect ourselves from their choices. Purchasing a mask that can filter the virus out of the air is the only way to do this. Make sure to purchase a kn95 mask for your whole family so that you can have peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to keep your family safe from this deadly virus. 

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