Why Nike Kicks are A Must-Have in Your Shoe Collection


Certain brands construct shoes that knock-out the competition. The quality of material and design are superior, giving you instant functionable fashion credibility. Some consider Nike to be the king of athletic and streetwear shoes.

So why are Nike kicks considered to be a must-have to any shoe collection? These shoes are show stoppers, game changers, and loved by the whole world. With bold and fresh styles and unique conceptualizations at the forefront of the brand, it’s easy to see why Nike is so popular.

Let’s break down three reasons why you should consider Nike for your collection.

Steezy Nike Kicks are Collection Worthy Shoes

Krispy, dappa, steezy… Nike creates some of the most incredible, conversation starting kicks. Not only does this brand have a highly experienced design team, they will also bring in outside influencers to co-design shoes with them! Most famously you see this with their basketball player sponsorships.

Nike kicks come in a ton of colors and design prints. You also have different styles to choose from high-tops to low-tops and ones that can up your training game. They also carry casual style shoes like sandals.

There are several kicks of Nike that have made it into the shoe collectible hall of fame. Every few months, this brand will typically announce a collab project or a special limited-edition shoe. These shoes can end up being worth way more than you paid for them.

Which Sports and Activities are These Shoes Made For?

This brand makes shoes you can use for everything! Of course, Nike has styles for basketball, but it also has styles that are great for skateboarding. This versatile brand really can do it all.

Other than your typical line up of sports like football and basketball, Nike’s are great for fast cardio. People who enjoy running or playing tennis have often turned to this brand for a reliable shoe.

These also have several styles that are great for low impact exercises like walking or riding your bike. Some have flat stable soles that are great for keeping your feet steady and straight while lifting weights.

Also, sometimes you just want to look flexible when you’re out on the town. Nike has a look for that, too. There are times when you need to look good and keep your feet comfortable. A well-designed tennis shoe could be just what you’re looking for.

What’s Nike’s Mission for Their Sportswear and Performance Gear Lines?

Nike has a goal to continually change and press innovation within the shoe industry. So far, they’ve been meeting this mission, and they’re seen as a brand with unparalleled style and quality.

Wanting to further provide for their customers, Nike expanded their kick wear line to have matching streetwear style and workout clothing. Allowing you to match your favorite Nike kicks with your favorite Nike outfit.

You Won’t Regret Grabbing a Pair

Nike kicks have been designed with your comfort in mind. No matter the activity, this brand will keep your feet feeling fresh and make you look your absolute best. With some of their styles making it to high-end collection status, the limited edition pair you grab tomorrow might sell for even more than you paid for it down the line. Fresh looks with superior quality, these kicks definitely deserve a special place in your closet.

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