Why NordVPN is the #1 Rated VPN Service

Working from home has never been more challenging and acceptable in the past few months since the world continued to battle this coronavirus pandemic. The need for high-speed yet highly secured internet connection has been a basic necessity for living and surviving.

With these, commercialized VPNs exponential growth continues to emerge, and choosing one reliable source can be tricky. With massively overhyped virtual private network service providers, how do you choose the best ones?

Among the names that top recommendations and ranks higher on VPN reviews, NOrdVPN stands out from the competition. You might even ask what’s with this service provider and why it’s tag #1? Probably because NordVPN have great reviews from various reliable and trusted sites claiming its excellent performance, transparency, and powerful features. However, NordVPN offers more than what other solutions offer.

Let’s take a closer look at why NordVPn stands out from the competition and what you can expect from this provider.

Is NordVPN Good?

NordVPN provides an outstanding level of privacy and security. Compared to other competitors, it offers robust double data encryption as your one-stop solution for digital security. You can count on its strictly no logs policy, feature-rich service, top-rated security service, high-speed connection, and a massive number of secured servers across the globe.

NordVPN provides an excellent deal to keep your privacy protected either when streaming restricted sites, torrenting, or if you require robust layers of security. What’s most enticing about the service provider is that it offers a powerful digital solution at a reasonable price.

With the ever-growing digital threats against cybercrime, hackers, third-party surveillance, and malware, you need the best data encryption to hide your digital identity. The main advantage of using a VPN is that spies and hackers won’t recognize you; they cannot track your location, nor what your activities are online.

In short, you’re all secured, and your privacy won’t get compromised.

  • All your digital footprints are private.
  • You can securely browse even with open or public Wi-Fi knowing you’re protected.
  • It secures your banking details, passwords, etc. from hackers and third-party groups.
  • It helps you bypass geo-restricted sites that are not accessible in your area.

There are several advantages that you can get when using NordVPN. Since it offers outstanding security features, no logs, supports streaming Netflix, with more than 5800 servers worldwide, six devices you can simultaneously connect and protect, it supports P2P sharing and torrenting. No wonder, with all these features, it’s a tough VPN provider you shouldn’t miss.

What Is The Top-Rated VPN Service Provider

With tough competition from various VPN solution providers, NordVPn stands out with its safe security, reliability, and credibility. NordVPN uses military-grade data encryption (256-AES encryption) used by NASA and the US government that will take forever for you to crack its coding system.

Aside from that, NordVPN offers exclusive gateways, CyberSec, kill-switch, three VPN protocols, double data encryption, and DNS leakage security.

There are only a few VPN providers in China, and NordVPN is a great candidate, Since China is known for its overly hype online regulations that block popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and search engines like Google.

With NordVPN on your device, you can seamlessly access these platforms wherever you are, especially in China. Thanks to it’s high-end obfuscated servers, you can easily bypass China’s strict restrictions.

Whether you are looking for an excellent VPN service provider or a solution that secures your privacy, NordVPN is a great deal. It’s ideal not just for streaming, torrenting, safe browsing, but a great deal of security for businesses and remote works that require you to access sensitive information outside the company or industry.


NordVPN is close to a perfect software solution when it comes to securing data and privacy. It’s highly recommended not just for torrenting or file sharing. It’s best for remote work that needs robust data encryption against hackers and surveillance. With its large server across the globe, you’ll expect a high-speed protected browsing experience with all your household devices that are simultaneously connected.