Why Plastic Surgery is Booming in the Pandemic


As the pandemic restrictions from COVID-19 are being lifted, people are seeking out ways to feel and look better. And what better way to do that than by getting plastic surgery? Cosmetic procedures done at a surgical center are booming right now for a few reasons.


Yes, that might sound odd, but after months of seeing themselves on the camera during Zoom meetings, people aren’t happy with how they look. If you think about it, it makes sense. You don’t spend hours staring at yourself in a mirror daily in a typical office setting. But now, with so many people working remotely, many are seeing their appearance in a new light.

And it’s not a light they like. Add to that another Zoom option—the video consultation with a plastic surgeon from the privacy of your own home. Suddenly, people are much more open to the idea of surgery.

Improve Confidence in Public

But that’s not the only reason surgery is on the rise. Another significant factor is the lockdown. For the last two years, people haven’t been able to see their friends and family members in person. They’ve had to communicate via text, phone, or video call.

While that’s been great for staying connected, it’s also taken a toll on people’s self-esteem. They’re not happy with how they look, and they want to do something about it.

And finally, there’s the lifting of the COVID restrictions. It’s no secret that people have been eager to get out and see the world again. But they’re also anxious to look their best. Plastic surgery can help with that.

Masks are Coming Off

As we near the end of the pandemic and masks requirements start to fade, many people are anxious about showing their faces again. Maybe, like the people experiencing disappointment with their appearance during Zoom meetings, they’ve come to find flaws that never bothered them before. But now it’s front and center when the cute cloth masks that match their outfits come off.

Lockdowns and Work From Home Options Offer Privacy

While lockdowns and working from home have been a curse or blessing for some people, it has afforded a significant benefit—More people can work while recovering from sickness or surgery from the comfort of their home. This newfound privacy is also a factor in the plastic surgery boom. No one has to know.

It’s safe to work within a few days to a few weeks after a cosmetic procedure. The face still experiences significant bruising and swelling. Many people that choose to have surgery don’t want to advertise it. Most prefer techniques without a dramatic change. However, it’s hard to hide swelling and bruising completely.

Outside of the pandemic, most surgical practices recommend patients schedule the procedure several weeks or more before any major events. Although no one is happy about the pandemic or lockdowns, the situation offers a unique opportunity for people considering surgery.

People are Caught Up In The Moment

The pandemic has caused many changes, not just in working or living. It’s also changed the way they look. Most people are more aware of their appearance now and aren’t afraid to make changes. For some, that means getting plastic surgery.

Men and women are getting a wide range of procedures, including newer, less-invasive options. Top choices include:

  • Fat transfer
  • Micro facelift
  • Fillers
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid reshaping and bags under the eyes)

These are only a few of the most popular procedures. As people become more comfortable with the idea of plastic surgery and see the results, the list will likely continue to grow.

The Plastic Surgery Won’t Slow Down

Although some may believe the boom will ease as more people return to in-person work and restrictions on outings ease, that’s most likely not the case. It might increase as more consumers find flaws they want to correct or signs of aging that a simple procedure can fix.

People want to look their best. The pandemic has sped up that desire. Plastic surgery is no longer taboo. It might be more popular now than ever before.

While COVID-19 brought much mortality to the world, it also brought out the desire to live every day to the fullest. The pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate what is important to them, and many have decided that looking and feeling their best is a top priority. People are looking for ways to improve their appearance, and plastic surgery is one way.

If you’re interested in learning more about the plastic surgery options available to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Cat Beverly Hills today. Our office is happy to answer any questions and set up a consultation.


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