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Why shave with a safety razor?

Why shave with a safety razor

Do you want to shave? Consider shaving with a safety razor. These razers have been the highest quality level in shaving since their innovation. On numerous occasions, they impart the most amazing shaves that have led many people to ditch their standard razors and switch to this modern way of shaving with a razor.

There are many reasons why you should consider shaving with a safety razor. Here are some of the reasons.

Suits many people

Safety razors appeal to a wide range of people looking for a very close shave, the people considering an artisanal shave and, surprisingly, those that have experienced some rashes, burns, or spots aftershave and now looking for a solution.

The way that safety razors can be fully customized for a specific skin type or person makes them the best in their class. You can get various safety razors that shave softly, and razors that can be set to shave very thoroughly or finely. Together with a shaving brush, shaving cleaner, and HOT water, you will have a positive shaving experience.

Many available brands to choose from

There are many different brands of safety razors to select from. Some are expensive while some are affordable. Among the most remarkable, reliable, and the highest quality count is the Merkur 34c.

Shaving with a Merkur 34c razor is a positive experience. You will feel comfortable shaving with this safety razor. It is a guarantee; you won’t go bad shaving with Merkur 34c.

This one of the most famous 2-piece razors from Merkur comes with a 3 long, knurled, and non-slip handle. The handle is thick enough for comfortable hand-holding.

The Merkur 34c is manufactured and developed in Germany. It is made strong and can suit heavy-duty applications.

This is certainly not a complicated razor and will be appropriate for both new aficionados entering the exemplary shaving world and seasoned razors alike.

Exemplary, strong and worked for life, Merkur 34c is the highest degree of greatness.

There are some reasons why you should consider the Merkur 34c safety razor.

Why consider Merkur 34C

Incredible little razor

You can use this safety razor to shave your entire head, the short handle offers incredible control. You will save a lot of cash because this safety razor lasts for years and will remain sharp for so long. Even starters can get going with a great safety razor like this one. It is an incredible, extraordinary affordable shaver that can keep going for years.

Great beautiful shave

You will never again use those disposable razors after using this item which leaves behind a great beautiful shave. The decent shave that you will achieve at the end, will make you stick with this razor.

Phenomenal for wet shaving

If you are for wet shaving, then this is the shaver to give a try. The results that you will get, won’t be disappointing.


The Merkur 34c is the safety razor to buy if looking for great beautiful save. It lasts longer and can suit wet shaving. It is available online at an affordable price.


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