Why Should You Choose Student Accommodations Near the University of Queensland


Getting admission to the University of Queensland is a dream for many. It is a public research university, ranked 2nd by the Australian Research Council and located in Brisbane – the capital of Queensland.

If you’re lucky enough to get admission in its bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, or higher doctorate courses, the next thing you should look out for is choosing the best student accommodation near the university, such as Iglu Student Accommodation.

However, before choosing any accommodation option, you need to consider a few points. Here we have listed seven tips that will help you choose the right student accommodation near the University of Queensland.


The main aspects of student living are accessibility and convenience. While the main university campus is located on the inner suburb riverside of St Lucia, other accommodations and campuses of the university are spread across Queensland. You need to consider the option such as Iglu Student Accommodation which is quite near to your university and local shops. It will be helpful for transport as well.


While you’re excited about starting your university classes, it is easy to forget the most crucial factor: security. If you are an international student, you might be living alone or with a partner in your accommodation. Therefore, it is essential to choose a safe and secure place with a low crime rate. The place you choose should offer modern security features such as CCTV and secure door entry to ensure a hassle-free stay.

Supportive and Friendly Environment

Supportive and friendly staff can make an effort to make you feel more comfortable. It’s not just about moving in. Choosing accommodation with helpful and approachable people will make you feel happy. They will listen to you and try to help you to resolve issues as well.

Since you’re away from your family and living near the university campus, they can show their readiness to help you in every other way. Furthermore, they can take your well-being just as seriously.


Your ultimate goal of attending the University of Queensland is to study, but you would also need some fun in your life when living away from your family. The proximity of bars, restaurants, and clubs is a huge advantage for those looking to have fun after a grueling study session at the university.

Indeed, options like Iglu Student Accommodation, built with innovative planning and design techniques, can additionally make your living much easier. It can further help you to enjoy every weekend to the fullest.

Weigh Up the Advantages and Disadvantages

While you look for more accommodation options near the University of Queensland, make sure that you take note of both positive and negative aspects. Try to note down each option’s flaws. For example, you may find accommodation where you get social benefits, but it might not be best for you in the academic sense.


Apart from basic facilities such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking, you should also look at facilities like parking, Wi-Fi connectivity, linens, etc., to stay comfortable.


While this probably isn’t the part you’re looking at. However, you should consider your budget while choosing student accommodation near the University of Queensland. This helps you to sort accommodation options and decide what’s suitable for you. Choose an accommodation where you can get most of the facilities at an affordable rental so that you can focus more on your studies.

The most crucial point of choosing the nearest accommodation is to cut off on transit expenses, and you can roll out of bed ten minutes before the lecture and be at university.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you to find the best accommodation near the University of Queensland. Make sure to do your research before you start your accommodation hunting process. Choose the right place where you can stay comfortably.


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