Why should you collect cards in Minecraft Dungeons

Cards are an important element of Minecraft Dungeons that helps you progress through the game faster. Each of the 60 cards enhances your hero in 5 directions. The more cards you collect, the more skillful your warrior becomes and the easier he finds to destroy the enemies. Read on for an insight into Minecraft Dungeon’s cards.

How do cards help me advance through the game?

Cards don’t propel you to the next round. It doesn’t work like this. You use them to power up your character and make him perform better on the battlefield. The more upgrades he experiences in terms of his armor, weapon and range, the faster he deals with the enemies and moves on to the next level.

How can I collect cards?

It’s important to mention that collectible cards are available in the arcade version of Minecraft Dungeons and they are physical cards rather than in-game items. As soon as you take a seat in front of the arcade machine, you will receive a collectible card, which you can scan and provide your hero with a boost. During a play session, you are allowed to scan 5 collectible cards. The more you play, the more cards you can pick up and customize your character with. A new card is awarded to you after each completed mission.

Types of cards

Minecraft Dungeons collectible cards are of 5 types. The melee cards endow the character with short-range weapons that feature different rarity. For example, flail and broadsword are common cards, so there is a high chance to bump into them throughout your journey. Axes and katana are rare weapons, which means you will find it hard to collect them. But, rare and unique weapons are more efficient in fighting off enemies than common ones. To increase the likeability of collecting any of them, just play more.

The next type of card is “range”. It features weapons with a far range of attack, like harp crossbow and firebolt thrower. They are also divided into different levels of rarity. Having such weapons in your arsenal is important, as you can engage in long-distance fighting. If your bows are efficient, you will prevent the enemies from getting closer and avoid hand-to-hand combat, which would make your character more susceptible to injuries.

Another important feature you want to upgrade regularly in your hero is armor. This category of cards empowers your character with various armors to make him less vulnerable to enemy’s attacks. There are wolf armor and battle robes that are easily collectible, and titan’s shroud and full metal armor that are harder to find, but are more efficient. The skin cards aim at customizing the anesthetic appearance of the character with a special color. The more unique the color is, the longer it will take to collect it. The last type of card empowers your hero with an animal companion. There are many pets you can collect, including wolf, chicken, fox and lamma. The pet will follow you in any place you go and help you crawl the dungeons.

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