Why should you drive electric?


You might not have enough money in your pocket to buy a fancy new Tesla, but even on a lower budget, it is important to at least think about making the switch to driving electric. Not only because it’s cheaper in the long run, but also because it’s less bad for the environment. When driving electric, you’re polluting the air a lot less. Yes, the electricity has to come from somewhere too, but there are many options for green energy. Rather than gaining energy from burning fossil fuels, energy gain could be solar or wind powered.

Loading up the car

Furthermore, what may have held you back in the past is because the infrastructure was not optimized for driving electric. Whereas there are plenty of gas stations next to most highways, the options for powering your car electrically used to be pretty limited. However, there has been great progress in the last few years. Thus, time to re-evaluate what the options are! The infrastructure has progressed so far that even loading docks next to the highways can be solar powered. Furthermore, what may have held you back in the past is the fear to become stranded on a highway because there is no way to power up your car. But, no stress anymore! Navigation tools such as Google Maps or TomTom have been updated to include information about where to find charging stations. This is thanks to more publicly available EV charging data.

Costs vs distance

How far you can drive with your fully charged vehicle depends on a few factors, such as the model you’re driving and how many kWh your car can store in one go. However, the average range of an electric vehicle is about 275 km, which means you can drive 275 kms without charging in the meantime. As the average commute between home and work is about 20-35 kms, this means you can go back and forth all week without having to charge. Furthermore, the average cost is lower for driving electric as well! If you have a charging point at home, you’ll pay the normal price per kWh, averaging at only 9 euros for a full battery!

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