Why should you install a driveway gate?


Imagine living in a beautiful house without a driveway gate. There is no way to control who enters your property and who doesn’t. The path that leads up to your front door is pretty much open for anyone to walk in and pull into. A driveway gate to a house is what day to night is. Neither can exist without each other. 

Whether you own a residence or a commercial property, you must always keep the security of your property or of your business concern the topmost priority. Driveway gates play the most important role in ensuring the security of your property. 

Gain more control over who enters your property by installing the right driveway gate and using an electric gate opener in your property or place of business.

The following are the few reasons why you should install a driveway gate.

Security of the premises

The most obvious and ostensible advantage of driveway gates is the controlling of entry into your property. When you integrate your driveway with proper fencing that goes around your house, covering the extra land surrounding it, you can make your residence secure and keep it protected from intruders and trespassers. 

You can also amp up the security of your property by adding some security features like a CCTV camera (compare options here), coded keypads, intercoms, and automatic locks with the help of professional locksmiths like J&L Locksmith Salem Oregon. This prevents an intruder from breaking into your residence, while you remain safe from getting robbed, vandalized or intruded. 

Industrial swing gate is ideally installed on flat driveways or slight decline and should be kept under 16’ wide, however, if you live on a hill, then you can consider an uphill swing gate to accommodate for the slope or safety gates industrial as well.

Value Addition 

Even though you have built a beautiful house in a breathtaking landscape or in the midst of a nice neighborhood, if you haven’t installed driveway gates in your residence, you might not get the right value for your property when you sell it. 

Driveway gates increase the value of the property for being a highly prized feature in residential and commercial properties. They don’t just ensure the safety of your property, they also add a unique appeal to your residence. Some driveways enhance the curb appeal of your property by creating a sound impression at the entrance.  So be sure to get help from great services like that of professional locksmiths.  


It’s absolutely annoying to walk out of your house for a moment and see your neighbors or passersby peering into your property. Driveway gates keep the nosy onlookers at bay by restricting access to your house, shielding the view with the help of surrounding fences. 


If you have kids or pets in your house, chances are that you send them out of the house to play in the front yard. While it’s always advised to keep an eye on your kids or your pets when they are off to play out of the house, sometimes you can’t always keep a close check on kids or pets when they play. 

If your house is properly fenced with a driveway gate installed, your kids or pets may never wander off the property. So by installing the driveway gets, not only can you keep your pets and children safe, but you can also enjoy doing your household chores with sheer peace of mind, knowing that your family is safe.

If you wish to buy beautiful and sturdy driveway gates for your property or business premises, visit garagedepartment.com and get the best driveway gates for your property.

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