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Why Silk Satin Is the Best Fabric for Bridesmaid Robes and Bridal Wear

Why Silk Satin Is the Best Fabric for Bridesmaid Robes and Bridal Wear

Satin is a way of weaving either natural or synthetic fibers. Yes, you got it right. Satin is not actually a kind of fabric but is one of the three major ways of weaving textiles, the other two being twill and plain. Satin weaving is the most flexible, producing various types of satin fabrics.

Originally, satin was made of silk, which is why many purists still argue nowadays that satin should be made out of silk, and not synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and other combinations–in the form of satin silk, which is the most valuable, of premium quality, and expensive among all the other types of satin.

To understand how satin silk is woven, let’s take a look at silk production as it uses 100 percent silk. While natural fibers are usually made out of plants, silk originates from an insect, specifically silkworms that are nowadays intensively raised commercially. The silkworms are then separated from the cocoons, the latter being the material spun into threads for silk production. All types of satin get their shining and smooth surface through the weaving process when the warp is floated above the other fibers.

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Satin

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Satin

With the exemption of silk satin, all other satin types come in synthetic variations. And while they make the same smooth and lustrous bridesmaid robes, they may fall behind silk satin in terms of gloss, smoothness, and breathability. Unlike natural silk satin, synthetic satins, especially those that are mainly made of polyester attract static electricity, making it feel stickier and hot to the skin.

Polyester satins particularly tend to be shinier than needed, and most of them can really be slippery. With it drawing static electricity that makes the textile stick to the skin, synthetic satins allow less air circulation, making it a hot and uncomfortable option for wearers during summer.

But compared to silk satins, synthetic satins are way more affordable. They can be a great option when you want to give off a luxurious look, without even the need for extra sequins or crystals for embellishments, perfect when the weather is right. If you are on a budget in terms of bridesmaid gifts but are set on giving satin robes tokens for your wedding bridesmaids, synthetic satins are the way to go.

They can also be made into wedding dresses, evening gowns, corsets, blouses, shirts, skirts, lingerie, inner lining, loungewear, and underwear, as well as into other stylish pieces like brooches, neckties, purses, ballet shoes, scarves, sashes, and more. All these come at lesser prices than when you choose silk satin but still maintain that shiny, luxurious, and draping look.

Why Silk Satin Is the Best Fabric for Bridal Wear

If you aim for both comfort and an opulent look, silk satin, though more expensive, is your first choice for any bridal wear, even for bridesmaid robes set of 6 that you want to give to your girls. Silk satin is the topmost choice amongst designers, tailors, and bridal wardrobe shoppers. Here are why:

  • Silk Satin Regulates the Temperature

Since silk satin is made of silk fibers, it embodies the most sought-after quality of silk—its temperature-regulating characteristic. Silk satin, just like its all-natural silk counterpart, is perfect for all types of climates as it can get warm or cool depending on the need. The fabric stays cozy and warm during the winter while maintaining air circulation, breathability, and comfort even during hot weather.

Silk Satin Regulates the Temperature

This character is due to the silk fibers having a hollow center, which, during hot temperatures, will absorb the heat and wick away the moisture, keeping you cool all the time. But when it’s cold, the silk satin fibers store warmth instead, unlike synthetic satin which lacks the same comfort absorbency, and breathability as the all-natural silk.

  • Silk Satin Gives off the Smoothest Shine

Silk satin competes with satin when it comes to smoothness and sheen too as it is made of silk too but just in a different means of weaving. Silk is smooth to the touch and look. Silk satin robes have higher luster and sheen than other satin types. Its shine makes it easily mistakable with silk and has the most incredible smoothness for its price!

  • Silk Satin Is Hypoallergenic

Silk fiber has sericin which is a protein coat that naturally rejects dust mites, allergens, dust particles, fungus, and other elements, which is what makes silk satin an all-natural hypoallergenic fabric that allows for fresher and cleaner air. Silk satin fabric is your best choice if you have one or two of your bridesmaids that have an allergy to these elements or have very sensitive skin.

Aside from being hypoallergenic, silk satin’s long, smooth silk fibers make it an ideal choice for wearers with very sensitive skin, especially when they have an underlying skin disease, such as eczema, acne, or contact dermatitis. Plus, this fabric’s non-moisture-locking property will not absorb the skin care products you are wearing.

  • Silk Satin Is Durable

Silk fibers can be dyed to the glossiest color and with satin weaving, this dye can last longer than all-natural silk. Satin paints are meant to last and be easily cleanable. As long as you don’t scrub the silk satin robes abrasively, nor twist or squeeze them when washing, silk satin is way more durable than silk. This is what makes silk satin fabrics the best for a bridesmaid robe or bridal gown.

You will want your bridesmaid robe gifts to last longer, as they are something your girls will remember about you and your spouse’s special ceremony. If they are able to use your robe gift for other special occasions and not just for your wedding, it makes the item all the more valuable and practical, and they will really want to handle it better. Even more so when you have a silk satin bridal gown. The price you bought it for will really keep up in the aspect of durability.

  • Silk Satin Is Much Cheaper than Silk

While silk satin is on the more expensive side compared to synthetic satins, it’s way more affordable than silk, the latter usually priced at a hundred dollars for just one yard. But when it comes to luxury and elegance, silk satin never fails.

Silk satin is inarguably the best among all the other satin fabric types and the closest in characteristics to the most expensive fabric there is—silk. When it comes to the perfect drape, lustrous shine, and opulent look, silk satin fabric is your topmost choice.


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