Why Study Nursing in New Zealand?


New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad in the world. Its well-recognized education system and first-class education level attract students from all over the world. Every year, a great number of students come to this country to study different majors and courses, including some particularly popular majors, such as nursing. Why do so many people want to study nursing in New Zealand? If you are curious about this question as well, you can read on to get the answers.

Top 6 Reasons to Study Nursing in New Zealand

There are a lot of reasons to study nursing in New Zealand, but the main reasons normally include:

1. Bright employment prospects

There is a large gap in nursing professionals in New Zealand. However, with the global shortage of nursing talents, it is foreseeable that for a long time in the future, nursing talents in New Zealand will be in short supply. Both local and international students studying nursing in New Zealand will have lots of job opportunities after graduation. That is to say, the employment prospects of nursing students in New Zealand are very broad.

2. Widely recognized internationally

New Zealand’s nursing education and registered nurse qualifications are widely recognized by international peers. The Nursing Council of New Zealand is also an important member of the International Council of Nurses. Nursing professionals graduated from New Zealand schools can directly work in New Zealand and Australia or other Commonwealth countries.

3. Short course duration

New Zealand Nursing major has a shorter curriculum setting time. If an international student has a nursing professional background, he/she can obtain a bachelor’s degree as long as one year of language courses and one year of nursing courses in a New Zealand nursing school, such as a Chinese specialty Nursing degree can be upgraded to an internationally recognized undergraduate degree in nursing through such kind of course.

4. Low investment and quick return

The tuition and living costs incurred by studying a two-year nursing course in New Zealand can be recovered after only one year of working in the nursing industry in New Zealand. It can be said to be a high-quality education investment project with low investment and quick return.

5. The amount of guarantee is low

When applying for a New Zealand student visa, international students only need to provide a financial guarantee of about NZD 50,000, and the visa application pass rate is high.

6. Shortage of talents in nursing

The New Zealand immigration department lists nursing talents as the country’s shortage of talents, which means that nursing talents are the most welcome talents in the New Zealand immigration department. As long as international students complete the registered nurse course in New Zealand and work in nursing after graduation, they can easily apply for New Zealand immigration.


These are 6 main reasons to study nursing in New Zealand. If you are interested in this major and plan to immigrate to New Zealand in future, it is strongly recommended to study nursing in this country. Certainly, before taking the study in New Zealand, you need to search for more information about the nursing study in New Zealand and better understand it. To achieve this goal, you can go to the New & Tips section of CatEight to get some useful articles about New Zealand education.

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