Why sustainable products for your home is so important


Today, consumers are more discerning of the products they use in their homes than ever before. One crucial yardstick used to determine a product’s suitability is its sustainability. The more responsible an item’s production process, the more attractive it becomes. Therefore, companies are taking steps to become prominent collaborators working with international communities to secure a more sustainable future for everyone.

In order to bring this idea to pass, products like Corian® are taking the initiative to outline a decade-long sustainability approach. The solutions the company strives toward draw inspiration from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, thus aiming to deliver safe solutions, drive the circular economy, contribute to resolving climate change, and help communities thrive.

Therefore, when you opt for Corian® products, you become a part of their drive to provide superior, aesthetically pleasing products that are borne of a desire to make a positive contribution toward the care of the environment. Read on for more on how Corian® is building a sustainable future.

Encouraging the Circular Economy

The circular economy is an emerging trend that deals with global challenges such as climate change. It does so by spearheading material redesign to make them less resource-intensive during production, reduce material use and drive the use of waste as a resource. As a result, the circular economy can significantly contribute to a sustainable product design approach.

Corian® reflects and contributes to the objective of a worldwide circular economy by focusing on the mantra- reuse, repair, upgrade and refurbish. This approach calls for two things:using a product for as long as possible and within the shorter loops of material exchange. Since Corian® Solid Surface is built with a focus on durability- designed to last longer and be easily repaired- its use in architecture, interior design, and furniture enhances the likelihood of realising significant resource savings.

The Corian® Solid Surface demonstrates its sustainability-focused design through its global manufacture status as zero-landfill since 2011 and its availability in a range of colours containing between 5 to 20% pre-consumer recycled materials.

Promoting Transparency

Corian® Design has earned numerous independent certifications and awards highlighting its hygienic and environmental performance. These accolades demonstrate Corian®’s commitment to sustainability. Consequently, each product comes with the most reliable, independently verified information about the environmental impact of their products throughout their life cycle- often denoted as Product-Specific Type III Environmental Product Declarations.

In addition, Corian® Solid Surfaces areRed List free. This status indicates that the company has disclosed 100% of ingredients that contain no Red List chemicals at notable levels. Products displaying the Red List Free label comply with the Living Building Challenge’s ingredient transparency objectives to eradicate harmful Red List chemicals. As an example of this status, Corian® Solid Surface contains no crystalline silica;therefore, you need not fear exposure to harmful silica particles.

Reducing Impact

Corian® Design reaffirms the company’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes. For example, their North American plants rely wholly on renewable energy sources for everything they produce. In addition, Corian® takes part in the Responsible Care Program of national and global chemical industry associations.

By offering a product whose design and manufacture embrace and focuses on sustainability, Corian® enables present and future architects, interior designers and furnishing companies to create for the long term without forfeitingingenuity and resourcefulness.


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